Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My goodness, it has been busy.

So. Yeah. It has been busy.

I've had a bunch of stuff to do for the club (for those who do not know, my husband and I are members and on the board of a "sportman's club", it originated as a blackpowder rifle club), been working, sold one goat and replaced her with a baby goat, my car broke down and what have you... So... busy.

I will have more about club stuff later, for now you will just have to settle for goat stuff!!

I sold Nutmeg, one of my Toggenburg does. She went to the same farm Rosemary and Thyme went to, the same one where I bought my meat mix buck, Buckthorn. Her replacement is.... a Nubian.

I purchased her from Patch Of Pines Farm. She is about 4 weeks old and is currently spending a lot of time in a large dog crate n the kitchen while i bottle feed her.

I am having a "Name the Goat" contest (Enter Here) on my Facebook page. She has a registered name, but this will be for her "barn" name, which is like a nickname that will actually be what she is called on a daily basis.

She is heavily bred on Kastdemur lines (one of my two favourite lines of Nubian goats, the other being Saada) and should add a lot of milk to my herd.

Misty and the other dogs find her... interesting.

Dexter spends hours at a time gazing longingly at her. I have to supervise him around her at all times, because I think he actually wants to eat her.

She does get some play time out of the crate, in a diaper, and she has already figured out how to climb on the couch by herself. Play time for her is exhausting for me because she is into and on everything. And like a toddler, everything goes right into her mouth.

She will be heading out to the barn before too long, once this current "Snowpocolypse" has abated and the boys move back to the buck pen from the barn. But she hasn't ever lived outside and so I wanted to give her a bit more time before heading her out. I think I am going to see if she and Rosie get along so she won't have to be alone. If they don't Sage looks like she is going to have kids in the next months so she won't be alone.

I'll announce here when she has her name. until then she is just baby-goat.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nerd-rant: Dear fan artists of the movie The Hobbit....

*deep cleansing breath*

Guys, we need to talk.

I love fan art.... good fan art anyway. So I thought the other day I would like to find some good fan art of my favourite Hobbit and my favourites of his Dwarven buddies to use as a background on my PC. After shuddering and wishing I had eye and mind bleach and repeating to myself "turn safe search back on, turn safe search BACK ON!" I found myself dwelling on several issues I had been exposed to during this search.....

1. I can tell that some of you have only seen the movie and not read the book, and that you can't see much past the fact that some of the Dwarves are OMGHAWT!!!! For the love of little green apples and all that is hairy.... do some research on the characters before you draw your dirty (or otherwise) pictures of them!!! Thorin, Fili and Kili and indeed quite adorable, I'll give you that much. But if you had read the book or done any research you would know something important about them that makes the idea of them all making out about a thousand times more gross than it would be normally, and it has nothing to do with all of them being dudes and everything to do with.... well, read the book, or just google their names and read a wiki for crying out loud. *shudder* I'm pretty sure that sort of thing is illegal on most of the planet, though I could be wrong. If not illegal at a minimum a serious taboo. Blech.

2. Dwarves are short. And thick. I love pretty anime style art as much as the next nerdy fangirl, but if you are drawing the above mentioned "hot Dwarves" to look like they are 6'4" and 165lbs, those aren't Dwarves!!!! Everything about Dwarves, except their hair, is short. Everything about Dwarves, especially their hair, is thick. Tall pale lanky Kili and Fili?? hey, I am ALLLL about the tall pale lanky. Tall pale lanky is my favourite thing ever. I married "Tall, Pale, Lanky" because.... *whistful sigh* i am all about the tall, pale, lanky. But Dwarves are not tall pale lanky. Your art is lovely, but those aren't Dwarves.

3. Dwarves are hairy. Seriously, take your eyes off the hot ones long enough to get a look at all of them. They are hairy enough that several of them braid their EYEBROWS. I fully support your right to draw Thorin with his shirt off if you realllly have to do so. But.... he is gonna be hairy. He isn't going to grow 55 pounds of hair on his face and head and have not one whit of chest hair. In fact, and I know this may be bothersome to you, since it isn't very sexy to think about but.... I am almost positive they would also have a lot of back hair. I'm sorry, but it is true. Just look at them! In fact, if you read up on the race you will discover that their women grow beards because the entire race is JUST THAT HAIRY.

4. It's "Dwarves". It is the name of the fantasy race of people in this story. Not dwarf, or dwarfs. Dwarves. Capitol 'D' and there is a 'v' in there. In some editions of the books it was changed to the "f" spelling, but as Tolkien wrote it.... Dwarve, Dwarves, Dwarven.

I think I am done now. Nerd-rant over.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And a happy new yearrrrrrrrr

Whatever. 2013 is here and it came in with snow, which we needed. And cold, which I hate to admit, we also needed. But that is set to change this week. So, since the lady goats in the big goat honeymoon suite haven't shown signs of heat in a month or so (so they are either bred or no longer cycling) I moved Buckthorn and his wether companion, Chickory, back out to the big buck pen. Please hang tight while I dash outside with my camera to get a picture.

OK, three hours later..... dad stopped by with some canned goods, yay! That turned into a lengthy visit. So, thanks for waiting so patiently. Chickory and Buckthorn, in the buck pen.

Buckthorn and Chickory

There they are!! It is looking pretty likely that a new wether will be joining the homestead. The original plan was that he would just go to freezer camp so I didn't mention him. But Stoli needs a companion at least until I see if I get any wether kids who would make a good companion for him, and... well, i went to meet him yesterday and i think he might make a decent team mate for Chickory. So I'd like to give him a chance to earn his keep and if it doesn't work out he will end up at freezer camp eventually. After being spoiled rotten for a while. More details to follow, as things transpire.

On unrelated news.... I got a picture of Tsu with his dogs on the couch. This is standard every evening, only there are usually a few cats in the mix as well.

Tsu, Misty, Dexter

Right now Misty is in her chair on her back with her legs all sprawled out and her tongue lolling, but as soon as I move to get the camera she will move. Hehe.

Well, I have to get to work on the membership database for the club, so enough dawdling and socializing. I have work to do.

Also, ducks.

DUCK DUCK DUCK! Ellie, Tina and Ike.