Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Horsie pictures, wigs and replies to comments... In reverse order, lol.

First, replies to comments...

The reason I am holding off on surgery for the gall bladder is two fold... for one my doctor says the stones are not in a dangerous place at this point though we need to keep an eye on them and until now I have only been having 3 or 4 attacks a year. It's uncomfortable but not dangerous. Every surgery has a risk and at this point the gall stones themselves are less risk than surgery. Our insurance is not what it used to be so why have surgery and all the medical bills that come with it if I can hopefully manage it with diet for the most part? But also... I usually take after my dad's side of the family, health wise. While I know many people who have had their gall bladder removed with no side effects I also know several who have had lasting digestive issues because their system just doesn't handle the lack of a gall bladder well at all. Unless it becomes absolutely necessary I don't really want to risk having life long bouts of diarrhea. Which is how the people my health tends to most be like reacted to having the gall bladder removed. What doctors call "urgent loose bowel movements". I'd like to stress the two words "urgent" and "loose". lol.

So given the choice between not eating fatty foods and having 3 or 4 miserable nights a year OR the possibility of pooing myself every time I sneeze, cough, laugh or can't find a public restroom really really fast after a meal? I'd rather hold off on risking the whole "pooing myself" thing. If and when the doctors think it is important to remove it I will do it. But after doing the tests, consulting with the other doctor, and weighing the pros and cons I'm pretty comfortable with the plan of action we have in place for now.

Jen, I can't really afford to buy a saddle right now, even a used one. But thanks for the thought! Right now I just want hay. lol.

Second! I got myself a cheap wig, lol!

$18.99, free shipping. On eBay.

It totally freaks out Tsu and Tiff. It is a lot fuller than I had expected. I think part of the reason it freaks them out is because it is a different colour and much longer than my hair so it is a sudden shocking change. I managed to tone down the fullness of it for these pictures:



As a point of reference, this is what the side of my head looks like if I don't do my creative combing and such:Photobucket

It is getting thinner on top, and harder to cover up. I know the people around me are used to it but it is getting worse and before long I am going to look like I have some weird disease. They might as well start getting used to my freaky wig hair now. lol.

To be fair to Tiff and Tsu and their reaction to it, though, when it is poofy it is really REALLY poofy. Of course if I would quit making this face when I wear it "la mia famiglia" might not be so freaked out by it, lol:


And finally, HORSIES!!!

Last week it was rainy ALLLL week. One morning I went out to get the horses and move them into the back yard for nomnomnoms and Sparrow had been in the back corner of the barn lot under a flowering bush. He had his mane and forelock full of tiny little white flowers. It was freakin' adorable! By the time I got the camera he had shaken most of them out but I still got a picture. (I am letting most of his and Mary's bridle paths grow out, so please excuse the mohawk, lol!)


Then yesterday I got some pictures and video of them playing when I let them out into a different area to graze:




Not sure why but I like this picture of Sparrow trotting away:


My wild horses galloping around:


and finally some video.... I should not talk when I take video because I sound like such a moron. I never baby talked to my kid but I can't seem to keep from sounding like a total idiot when I talk to the horses.