Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Shakes fist angrily at the weather*

This week has been total *insert bad word*. Wet, windy, cold. I have got NO saddle time at all. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. ZIP.

If it were just the chilly weather I would be delighted and in the saddle but my only riding area that is safe for my "so green he is technically still yellow and blue" horse turns into an ice skating rink with snot on top of it as soon as it starts to sprinkle. With the gusty wind and slippery ground it is just a recipe for disaster.

So much my for my plan to get at least 15 minutes saddle time every day. Blarg.

The nice thing about the hairy bear is that he doesn't seem to forget. We pick up right where we left off after one day or 5. But still, I was hoping to make more progress. *sigh*

So instead of riding I took down some swings and one of the trampolines and gave them to my ex and his wife for their kids (and for my kid when she is over there). I scrubbed some gourds my dad and step mom gave me... rainy weather is perfect for that because the humidity makes the yuck on the outside softer and easier to scrub out.

I already have about 7 gourds cut into dippers, I'm about half way done with a commissioned piece, and I started new pair of knit slippers.

So I'm not riding but I'm keeping busy anyway.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A comment about comments....

I'm changing my comments to require approval. NOT because anyone is posting anything bad but because I have missed a few new comments to older posts and I don't want to do that!! So this way i will get to read every comment I get, yay!

edit to add: now someone leave me a message so I can see if it works! hehehe!

OOoooooo prettyyyyyyyy...

Another video. Wowsa.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well at least I'm not the only one...

I feel a little less silly about how madly mad I am for my horsie, lol....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I almost disgust myself sometimes.

I have never been one of those silly "hearts and flowers" romantic types. I don't believe in soul mates or magical moments or perfection or "once in a lifetime" things. I'm just too darn practical for that crap. When I watched Titanic and saw Jack slowly sink into the ocean I cried... but once the movie was over I said, "well at least he died before they could destroy their relationship over petty crap." THIS is the way I think. lol.

To me, love doesn't mean bringing home flowers once a week and gushing on and on about destiny and blahblahblah... it means being willing to run to the store (without complaining) for laxatives at 6 am because your spouse can't poo and is having stomach cramps. It may not be "romantic" but that is the kind of love that will get you through 65 years of dealing with someone's moods and annoying habits. THAT is love.

As practical and down to earth as I am about my human relationships I tend to be the same way about my animal relationships. When I was 15 I believed in "once in a life time" and "soul mates" and "perfection". I thought I had found that in a boy (*rolls eyes*)and in a horse and my world would cease to be if I lost either one. A year later the horse was gone and I was... well imagine a 15 year old girl who just lost her very best friend in the whole wide world, her horse. Imagine every overly emotional teenage movie character who has just lost her horse for one reason or another. Roll them altogether and you have me, circa 1985. I never ever thought I would have another "heart horse". Because, you know, you only get one.

*laughs wistfully* Now to be honest, the horse I had then (Pal's Bay Penny, Tennessee walking horse, girl's best friend) set a really high bar for any horse to come after her. She was gangly and coarse headed and mealy mouthed with big ears and big feet and... she was possibly the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life up to that point. In MY eyes anyway.

Years go by and I get jobs working with horses. The more horses I meet the less likely I think it is that I will ever feel about a horse the way I did about Penny. Then I meet Trooper. Big, dumb, as unlike Penny as a horse can be everywhere except where it counts: between the ears. He was just as eager to please, willing and sweethearted as penny ever was. He was huge (clyde/paint cross), hairy, and a total blockhead, with bay and white pinto markings and eyes just a bit too small for his massive face. He was possibly the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life up to that point. He was never MY horse, but in all the ways that count he was MINE. But he WASN'T mine and time goes on and I move on.

But during this same time I get my shetland ponies. Jamie and Lilly. I bought Jamie just so that I could get Lilly because she was a driving pony extraordinaire. I only had her about 3 years before I lost her to an accident. But Jamie... all 10 hands of red hair and big eyes... who would have thought that I would have TWO heart horses at the same time and one would be a SHETLAND PONY?

Well, Jamie passed away in 2006, and Trooper passed away in 2007. I've had Sparrow and Mary, and I love them, but... it's different.

So I buy Brego and bring him home. I know this guy is special. He is the horse I have wanted since I was about FOUR years old. But... will he be my heart horse?

I knew the moment I saw him that he would be special. The first time I touched him, burst into tears and said, "I have been waiting for you for soooo long..." I knew that he would be special. I know every time I look out my window and my heart skips a beat that he is special. I knew the first time I sat on his back and he looked back at me with one big brown eye that he was special. But... special enough to be a heart horse? My fourth "once in a life time?"

Today I was in the barn spraying Listerine on his legs (lol!) while he ate his breakfast. I grabbed a brush and started to brush out his tail. His thick black tail with orange sun bleached tips. And I started to cry. I'm brushing turdballs out of my horse's tail and crying because I love him so much and I am so happy he is MINE.

Well, I guess that answers that question, now doesn't it?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finding potential customers in these trying times.

I'm out to make money. I make crafts, I keep my blog, I sell off old junk I have laying around. One of the hardest parts of making money this way is drumming up business. To make money I need to find people who might be interested in what I have to sell, or I have to write things interesting enough to get people to come back and hopefully click my ads or return enough to make it worth my advertisers while.

But in other businesses finding customers means tracking down possible leads. There are many resources available for this but many of them give you bad leads. So finding a resource like, where they make sure their leads are GOOD one, can really be a boost to a business that relies on this time of contact information.

BUT, those elads need to come from somewhere, right?

If you don't need leads you can become an affiliate and earn money from your blog or web site. I am actually considering doing this, because every couple of dollars is another bale of hay! *big grin*

Don't have a blog or site about mortgages or financial issues but still want in on the affiliate program? How about their life insurance leads affiliate program that would be great for a family oriented site or blog, or maybe maybe if you are a car guy consider joining up with their car insurance affiliate program.

This post has been brought to you by our friends at

Video that cracked me up...

I know, I am easily amused, but this cracked me up:

Skills to pay the bill... lol...

Yeah... if some of my blogs feel a bit like they were paid for by sponsers now and then... that is me earning my hay money. *big grin* Which is really one of the reasons why I started this blog, to make some money to supplement my non-existent income. And it is finally working! At some point in the future I will make a post about the places that find that actually DO pay you real money for blogging and such but that will be another day.

This weekend has been awful. Tsu has been working since saturday night. He has basically already worked his full work week, and friday he starts oncall. Ugh. He is so burned out he wants to ask his boss to lay him off and get the severance package. I think he is pissed at me for my reaction but now is really NOT the time to be willingly giving up a secure job. *panic*

On a brighter note, Mega Millions jackpot is up to over $250 mill. lol. I could use a few of those, hahaha!

My dad brought over a bunch of gourds last night. Nice thick big gourds, HUZZAH! So I have another two days of gourd scrubbing ahead of me. I'm still just disgusted by the failure of my entire gourd crop, but these should tide me over for a little while. Next year will be bad, though. With none to use from this year... *sad face*

Well, I will probably be making more "work" posts over the next few days now that I am finally getting some assignments. I promise to keep up with non-work posts as well, though.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shopping for deals!!! Crafting and other things!

As anyone who reads my blogs knows I am a crafter. I do a lot of things, from sewing to gourd crafts to my passion for yarn and knitting. Because of this I am always looking for new resources. Recently I was made aware of a site called Now I am not big on shopping, but I am always looking for good deals on craft supplies as well as new information so I checked it out carefully and found a lot of interesting things.

Now you all know I'm not much into expensive things and I would rather carry a wallet on a chain than spend money on a designer handbag, But if I needed ideas for a designer handbag I could find info here!

Now I do use my laptop a lot, so I might be more likely to look up laptop bags... but not as likely as I would be to look up backpacks or a nice knitting basket (though to fit all my knitting junk into it I would need it to be huge!)

There are a lot of interesting buying guides as well as links to items for sale!

As an example, I wanted to look up knitting supplies so I went to and searched for knitting . That came up with far more things than I wanted to sift through so I searched for knitting bags. When this didn;t get me what I wanted I went back to the main page and looked through the catagories, selecting "Arts and Crafts Buying Guide". Look at all that stuff!

Yup, I might not be in the market for designer handbags but there is plenty here to keep me occupied!

*this post brought to you by the fine folks at!!*