Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up...

Well, I got a bit side tracked, and now I need to go read my last post and decide if I want to write all my updates in one post or split it into several... *music plays while she goes to see what was up when last she wrote*

OK, back. When last we wrote the kid had mono, the husband was going to be switching to days, etc. Well, shortly after that post I called over to the "shoe string relatives" house and got to talk to Nicki and her dad. We set up tentative plans to get together "once it warms up" so Nicki can meet Brego. From our short conversation I can say with certainty that she is an absolute delight.

Tiff is doing well, she is single again and tired all the time still but otherwise doing well, even with the Mono. She is now with us most of the time, her choice. She worked it out with her dad. It kind of makes me sad that she is spending less time with her dad, and I keep encouraging her to spend as much time with him as possible but she is at that age where she is starting to pull away from both of us. In all honesty I think she and I share more of the same core values and such, so I think that may be part of why she is pulling away from him more than from me. I don't know, but it does kind of make me sad for him.

The big switch over day for Tsu going to days is february 8. It was going to be the first but he is on call that week so his boss pushed it back to the 8th.

we found a car but the guy didn't want to give us enough for our tractor. So we are trying to sell it outright then pay cash for the car. Once again I will tease with a promised future post about possibly finding a job. Right now I need to go reply to an inquiry about the tractor. Wish us luck selling it!!