Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! Let's Go Get Our taxes Done And Celebrate The Anniversary of my Divorce!!!

Yes, it is Valentines Day... more notable around my house as the anniversary of my final court date (and finalization) of my divorce from my first husband. *and the towns people rejoiced*

Yes, 9 years ago today I dressed up in my snazzy suit (which I can fit into again, and is actually a little too big now, lol) and traipsed off to the court house to get my release papers from the ex. What a day to have your divorce hearing, lol. Thankfully by that point I was just SOOO glad to be done with him. Most of the hurt and desperation and self pity was gone and I was actually delighted that it was almost over.

On that day I stopped at the post office and a stranger said, "My, you look all gussied up today! Going to a wedding?"

I laughed, "No, my final hearing for my divorce is today."

He grinned, "Really? You look pleased. Maybe I could buy you a drink later on to celebrate?"

I laughed again, "Sorry, I already have plans, but your offer just made my day even better. Thank you."

My plans were with Tsu. He bought me roses. I'd planned to return the wedding gift my ex gave me after we left court, but there was some tie up with paper work and since I didn't have a wedding coming up that made the tie up critical and frightening I just left and told the ex to let me know how it turned out. LOL. So I dropped off the gift, a claymore sword with an inscription on it that was clearly not true, at his parents house on my way to dinner.

So much hurt, so much pain, so much drama and suffering. My life has been so blissfully dull and uneventful by comparison ever since and I couldn't be happier.

On this Valentine's Day I will kiss my loving silly husband awake, we will exchange Valentine's wishes but likely nothing else because we show each other our love every day and don't generally do more than send an ecard or something for these Hallmark holidays. Then, in the height of romantic planning, we will go get our taxes done.


Oh I am so freaked out about this. We don't get to claim Tiff this year so it will be smaller than last year. We trade years with her dad. But I am hoping it is a good return so I can pay a deposit on Brego. We get it direct deposited so it usually only takes a week or two to get. I can't wait!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eye Candy.

I'm starting to think maybe Marsha has an evil streak, lol ( mean that in a good way). She sent me one of Brego's baby pictures this week. You ever see something so adorable it makes you catch your breath? Yeah, check this out:


I literally make this noise every time I see it: AAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

That crooked blaze and half and half nose just makes me want to gobble him up.

Sorry, I know this is going to get quite annoying for you all but I just can't help it.

OK, on to other things.... *scrolls back up to look at the picture, says "aww" again, then scrolls back down to write more* Today I have already been busy making a new pouch to wear around my neck and a bigger pouch to hang from my sash when I wear my old fashioned clothes.

I don't carry a purse any more so I have been carrying my important doodads that don't fit in my wallet in a cloth pouch around my neck. It was made out of Black Stewart Tartan cloth and I kept a few coins (Sacajawea gold dollar, Canadian dollar coin, Chinese coin), an Apache Tear, a ring I wear about half the time, my thimble, a needle and thread and a little plastic Gypsy Horse painted to look like Brego in there. Really, it isn't as huge as it sounds. lol.

Anyway, I liked the cloth pouch but I wanted to have something that would fit better with my style these days, lol. So I made this:


I may dye it with brown leather dye so it won't look quite so bright green but this was the only leather type stuff I had to work with so bright green it is, for now, lol.

I also made this:


Guess what that button is!!!! GUESS!!!! I'll tell you... I have NO idea. It is something I found in my potpourri and thought it would make a good button so I put some holes in it, hahahah!!!!!!!! Nothing is safe from being "repurposed" with me around, not even potpourri!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

*rolls eyes*

They sucked the water out with a shop vac, supposedly fixed the seal, but water got into the electronics in the dash and the rear wiper just randomly starts going off. They said if it keeps having electrical problems to call them back and they will see what they can do, and we should keep sucking it out with a shop vac and maybe it will dry out.


So Tsu is over at his folks with it in their barn with fans a space heater aimed in to it trying to dry it out.

What a pain.

Remember the leaky windshield from yesterday?

Well, we had an appointment to get it looked at this morning. So the weather all night was awful, wind, storms, etc. It was still horrible when it was time for Tiff to get on the bus so I took the car out to wait. On the way back up our hideous driveway I heard sloshing. Splashing. Like there was a small wading pool in the back seat. So when I get back up to the house I look in the back seat floorboard and see this:


Not sure if you can tell, but that is a good 3 inches of water in the back passenger floorboard.


Tsu left it there when he headed out to the windshield repair place, with a disgusted look on his face. They were going to dry the inside of the car and then water test it to "see if the issue really IS the windshield". Well, considering how wet the inside of the car is it just might take a few DAYS for them to dry it out.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here Comes The Rain Again....

...I will NOT complain. I will NOT complain!!!

At least it isn't snow!

Flash flood warning for half of the state. The driveway has turned completely to muck. Tsu is beside himself (I'm exaggerating) because he is expecting a game to be delivered by UPS and is worried the UPS truck will get stuck OR won't even try once they see the mud bog track we call a driveway.

I started another blog today. Another money making scheme that I don't want to clutter this blog up with. I post jokes, rants, random junk there... and eventually will be making posts for products and posting links and getting a few bucks for each one. Hey, it all adds up! I stuck several jokes about Michigan on there this morning. I posted a link to it in my favorite links section over there >>>>>>----------------->

Tsu was still feeling kind of yuck, so he went to the doctor today. He has an appointment with a neurologist on tuesday because he is also having pins and needles sensations in his arms and legs.

On the way home we stopped for breakfast at the Fire House Cafe. I got hash browns with grilled onions and green peppers, and an english muffin.... OMG it was delicious!!!. And cheap! Cheap is good because, you know, I have THIS to pay for:


*gets all dreamy eyed*

Where was I? Oh, yeah, finishing breakfast. We went out to the car and there was a huge river of water running down the INSIDE of the windshield and into the dash. It seems when they replaced our windshield a few months ago they didn't get it sealed properly, but because it was WINTER we didn't realize it. Not water is pouring like a waterfall down into the dash and into the fan motor for the heater!!! GAH! And I have to drive it into town that way this afternoon for Tiff's eye appointment. *face palm*

Tsu already set up an appointment to bring it in tomorrow morning.


At least it shouldn't cost us anything to get it fixed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Horse... *crosses finger and toes*

I have not actually talked much about this horse I want, partially because even though I am not a superstitious person I do not want to "jinx" myself. But even with everything going on that seems to be trying to keep us apart (*imagines a slow-mo 70's type film of the horse and I running towards each other on a beach while the economy tries to keep us apart*) things are now looking pretty good for him coming home to me. And it is almost entirely because of the patience and kindness and all around awesomeness of his seller, Marsha. Seriously, I wish she and her husband lived closer because she is just the neatest lady and I adore her (and I am not just saying that because she is jumping through hoops and bending over backwards to make sure I get this horse and I want to suck up. lol. I actually mean it).

But I just can't keep it to myself anymore and since this blog is part of how I am going about earning money and promoting my store so I can make the money to pay for him I figured it is about time for you guys to meet him.

This, my friends, is what I am working for. Meet Brego...


He is kind of friendly, and likes to get a close up view of what you are doing so almost every picture is a close up of his nose. It makes it a little difficult for Marsha to get a good side shot of him for me to show off, lol. But the pictures tickle me pink anyway.

I have this picture as my background, don't ask me why I cropped it that way, I just like the way it looks to have him peering out at me when I turn my computer on every day:


And so you can actually get a bit of a look at him:


He still has some maturing to do. Many of these horses don't finish filling out until they are 5 or so (he is 4, which is perfect because I won't need to wait to get him started under saddle). He isn't real big (that is a GOOD thing for me, I want a medium to large pony size not a big horse size) but should be just big enough for me to ride recreationally and of course I will work on training him to drive as well. He is sweet and affectionate and should LOVE to be spoiled.

Marsha says he is kind of low man on the totem pole and gets pushed around some. Well, around here he will only have Mary to hang with. So while she probably will boss him around it shouldn't be too bad and he will only have to share his attention from me with her.

You know, I'm not the "hearts and flowers" type. I'm not into all this "magic and fairy tales and dreams come true blah blah blah...". But I love feathered horses, I think they are beautiful, and I have seen this horse in my head every time I have imagined MY horse since I was about 2. I'm realistic. I'm not looking for an "Alec and The Black" relationship, I expect my horses to BE horses. I expect them to think and act and interact with me like a HORSE not like some fairy tale unicorn where we have a magical bond. But I love my horses. Possibly more than is healthy. I lost Jamie over two years ago and I still have this huge aching hole in my heart that feels no smaller today than it did the day he died. I love them for just exactly who and what they are, not what I wish they would be.

This horse, Brego, he is my dream horse. He isn't perfect (what horse is?) but he meets everything in my "must have" list, and most things in my "would be nice" list. He has the temperament, the size, and the personality which are the main things. And he has a black tail. lol.

And now, to end this post before I pass out from desperately wishing he was munching hay in my yard:

*sigh* I'm so smitten. Look how soft his expression is... "Hey! What ya doin'? Can I see?"

He makes my heart ache. I'm such a girl.

Monday, February 9, 2009

You rotten city slickers....

Ya'll better stay offa my land or I'll shoot ya!



My husband took these pictures and I never realized how foreshortened I look from his point of view way up there over a foot over my head. lol. Anyhoooo.... this is it, my pre-1840's fur trade era outfit. And also my blackpowder rifle. I not only made everything I am wearing (aside from my socks, hat and bra) but my father in law built the gun AND I made my own patterns for the outfit.

Even the bloomers:


What the HECK is with my eyes in this picture, I look like I just got a bad face lift, haha!!

These pictures were taken at my in laws house.

I listed some more stuff on my Etsy shop, finally got some necklaces up. Here are a couple I have up for sale now:




Don't forget to enter to win one of my pendants!!!!!

And you send me questions at!!!!

**Side note, if you look close I am wearing one of my gourd necklaces. All I did with that one was sand the edges, put a hole in it and wax it. The design that looks remarkably like the thumb of michigan? Natural design. I LOVES it!

Oh and BTW, Jen... (((hugs))) I hope your mom is doing better. I'm really sorry to hear about all of her health issues.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The world is turning to mud! YAY!

Yes, I said YAY! I refuse to complain. REFUSE! After this winter I look forward to mud. I welcome it, in fact! Because mud means warmth and warmth means spring and even though I know this warm spell will end I NEED it right now. A lot.

On a non-related topic... yesterday I made myself bloomers. So my pre-1840 fur trade era outfit (not entirely period correct but "close enough" for now) is done! I will try and get some pictures today. We are going to see Tsu's folks and I want to get some pictures of my rifle and show Karen (MIL) my outfit so I'll see if I can get some good pictures of the outfit and the gun to show off. I was looking at it thinking, "Wow, this took me a month of hand sewing but I actually made this whole thing, with my own two hands, no machines, and I made my own patterns even! I'm impressed with me!" LOL!

The only thing I don't like is that the seams inside the shirt are not finished off. I need to figure out a way to clean those up because I think it looks untidy. Not that anyone else can see it, but all my other thing have NO exposed edges anywhere so those seams annoy me. I'll get some pics right quick and show you what I mean:

First, outside seams on skirt:


Then inside seams on skirt which shows how awful my stitching looks on the inside, haha! But you can see, no raw fabric edges:


Inside of my bloomers:


And now inside seams of my shirt:


YUCK! It is driving me nutty. I can't stand it. I think I am going to roll the raw edges under and whip stitch them so i can't see them. Otherwise it is going to make me CRAZY!

One last picture, even though my stitching is uneven and it looks ratty I am soooo proud of these hand sewn button holes!!!!


Oh, nice, cat hair in the picture. That is it, I'm shaving all the cats. LOL.

I ran outside to get some quick pictures of the mud but it froze over night, so that will have to wait, haha! Sparrow, however, had a great deal of fun in the mud yesterday and looks HORRIBLE this morning!!!!


EWWWWW!!!! HAHAHA! I can't believe how short that picture makes his leg look. This is why I usually get down to his level to take pictures. He looks like a wiener dog in this picture. A filthy little wiener dog. (The wrap on his tail is because his tail drags the ground by about 6 inches so I fold it up, then down, then wrap the folded part so it is up high enough that he won't step on it and rip hairs out). At least the clumps of mud he had stuck on him yesterday fell off over night. He looked like he was wearing mud armour!

Well, I need to get in the shower and knock the stink off for the day!