Friday, March 13, 2009

I need a pattern for pre-1840 PC stockings....

Yeah, this whole knitting craze started because I want to knit my own period correct (PC) pre-1840 fur trade era stockings... and now that I can knit I have no idea where to find a correct pattern. lol. I've googled and searched and checked and....

no luck.

So if anyone happens to know where I could find one please let me know!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ugh... sick....


Insomnia and the flu. yuuuuccckkkkkkk.

Runny nose, sore throat, fever, aches, etc.

Tiff is home from school today, she was running a fever as well. She just got up. I have her medicated. Tsu had to go to the hospital for more tests (tummy tests not back tests). Poor guy has had a rough month.

Anyway, Not much to write today, just wanted to post a picture of what I made the other day:



I followed the step by step instructions here:

I was going to make a second one right away but Tiff wanted some wrist warmers so I am making those. These are the ones I made for myself, hers will be longer and out of different yarn:


Oh, and these are my drop spindles, now I just need something to try spinning on them!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pony's Daily Music Moment

Better day...

Despite the fact that I am in the midst of my twice annual bout of time change rage (RAAAGGGEEEE) I am having a much better day today. Already today i have medicated a sick cat, groomed the munchkin ponies, managed to clean out the entire poopcicle pile from the barn (YAY!!!) and cleaned off about half of the junk from the porch.

I was thinking, as I was mucking, about how much my hands were NOT hurting. It's amazing. Like, miraculous. No, they are not normal, no, I still can't draw by hand... but I can KNIT. KNIT!!! A few years ago I couldn't brush my own hair.

So yeah, having a much better day. Sure there is an angry undertone of frustration and depression and nasty attitude, but that is just because of this infernal idiotic time change crap. If I'm lucky the accompanying insomnia will be short lived and I can be my normal chipper self in no time... at least until we have to "fall back".