Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sorry for my abrupt departure in the last post. The guys had been out hunting during our black powder hunting season and they got a nice big doe for our freezer.

I figured since it has been a while I would post some pictures, the make up of some of the farm has changed and I am far too lazy too go back and see what I have and haven't posted about. So.

Brego, the fat hairball is still a fat hairball.


*happy sigh* I love this horse so much.


Oh, look, I'm a grandma, this is Demetri:

"I find this pumpkin concerning."


In the Link costum I knit for him before he was born, lol.


With his mom on Halloween.



Duck, duck, duck....


the chicks that hatched this summer, it is obvious now which are roos. They will likely be soup before spring.

young roos chicken

Though I may give the one who looks like his daddy a reprieve. Jewels is so pretty, especially now that his moult is over.

Jewels chicken

The handsome red roo will likely not see the end of the year before he lands in a pot. He is a very sweet kind gentle roo, we just have more roo than we need so.... stew pot.

red roo and moulting hens chicken

Look how big and handsome the first kid born here has turned out! Chickory is almost 2 now. I wish I had more time to work him, I really want to get him driving well.

Chickory goat

Stoli and Kahlua, my mini nubians.

stoli kahlua goat

Rosie and Woodruff. Rosie is mine, Woodruff is the goat i am trading for Stoli, he just needs to head home.

Woodruff goat

Buckthorn and Ivy, Buckthorn is my meat mix buck. All my bucks are young this year and small. Buckthorn is roughly 1/2 Boer, 1/4 Kiko and 1/4 Nubian. Maybe more Nubian and less kiko, his mom looks a LOT more nubian than anything else.

ivy buckthorn goat

and Sage and Nutmeg.

sage nutmeg goat

I wasn't able to breed Sage for a fall kid because I had no buck at that point. So I have NO fresh does. *sob* and probably won't have any kidding until April. *sob*

OK, that should be it for now.