Saturday, July 25, 2009


free form silly cap, no pattern....





Friday, July 24, 2009

Captain Sig's frozen fish!

A while back ago I was in GiantEvilMegaStore *chough*giggle*chough* and in the frozen section I noticed a weird picture of Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch on a box of frozen fish product. We were in a hurry and sorta broke, but I vowed to buy some to support my second favorite captain and ship (and number one favorite crew) from one of my favorite tv shows. Since I don't much care for CRAB it was the least I could do!

So last week when we went shopping I grabbed a box of Captain Sig Popcorn Fish.

You can read about it here: Captain Sig's Wild Alaskan Seafood Website

I got the popcorn fish because per once it was the cheapest, lol. OK, despite the cheesy tie in with the show being the only real selling point I have to say this was some damn good fish. It tasted like REAL fish, not processed pressed fishstick fish. I want to try the salmon burgers now. I guess this is just available in test markets. I can't speak for the other products but I can recommend the popcorn fish!

My massive smile of the day:

This couple was on good morning america today, they seem like a really fun, funny and sweet couple and this video just really made my day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home from the doctors...

Home from the follow up, everything looks good. testing confirmed that I "had an impressive number of gall stones", lol.

So far the changes in my digestive life that I notice are:

no more gall bladder attacks.

If i get hungry and don't eat right away I feel like I might barf. This is something that is REALLY bothering me and I hope it doesn't stay this way. DR. agreed that I should keep a light snack handy for these times.

And last but not least, TMI warning....

It's not quite the runs (close but not quite) but I have to crap at least twice a day and when I gotta go it may not be urgent but I best get to a bathroom without too much delay or my whole belly starts to cramp up like I have been kicked in the gut. This does not seem to be related to what or when or how much I eat.

The doctor said that yes, those are likely all related to me now not having a gall bladder, and no, they are probably not going to go away. :-( But he said as time goes on I will learn how to cope and to remember the alternative was frequent gall bladder attacks and possible damage to my liver and pancreas. He recommended frequent small high fiber meals (which is basically what I have been doing for a year and a half) avoiding high fat foods and getting used to going poo more often. He also recommended limiting my foods to one or two things and gradually adding in more to see if any specific foods cause issues more than others so I can see if avoiding certain things will help.

The bathroom trips are annoying but manageable but the nausea is making me feel kind of down. I have been feeling forced to eat more than I normally would because otherwise I feel sick, and have gained another pound, plus I hatehateHATEHATE feeling barfy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chinese food, bottle returns and oil based fly spray.

Our niece, Ashley, is spending most of this week over here and she and Tiff are living out in the camper most of the time (kind of required with Tsu sleeping days and being a light sleeper *insert standard rant about how much that friggin SUCKS*). Well, yesterday afternoon they asked if we could order Chinese Food. I'm not sure what they were thinking because we live like 30 miles from the nearest Chinese food place. You can't just call for delivery or anything, lol! Maybe they watch too much TV.

Anyway, I devised this plan to go into town to the "all you can eat" Chinese Buffet place and pay for it with bottle returns (we had $15.70 in returns and lunch was $21.60. Not too shabby). So after Tsu got home and our getting ready to go kept him up and made him crabby we headed to town and munched our way from one end of the buffet to the other.

We'd stopped by the post office to drop off my patient survey for the hospital and some mail we got addressed to people who don't live here (marked "return to sender, no one by that name at this address"), then stopped by the library for me to pick up some light summer reading ("The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies" by Guenter Lewy) before going to Empire Wok.

When we headed outside after eating Ashley blurted out "OH MY GOSH!" Once I followed her gaze I saw that the drivers side rear bumper was all caved in. BUT the rub marks from who ever hit it were already covered with road dust, which would be impossible if it had happened while we were in eating. And we were never all out of the car between the time we left and the time we got to the restaurant. So it had to have happened while Tsu was working or something. He is going to be SOOOO delighted when he wakes up.

So anyway, we returned bottles and it was stupid busy at the return station. We had to wait for a machine to return bottles and they kept getting full and it was just nutty, then the little sink by the return station was out of paper towels, ew....

Anyway, then we went to Tractor Supply Company so I could get some fly spray. I ran out last week like the day after I got home from the hospital. The stuff I had before was pretty mediocre anyway. I got oil based fly spray this time. It was a bit more expensive than the water based but I like it much better. It attracts dirt but it lasts through rain and with some good elbow grease it makes them look nice and shiny. And it lasts longer, too.

As I was brushing it into Brego's feather I laughed to myself at how delighted I was to have a new bottle of fly spray. It really is the simple things that make my day.

Tomorrow is my follow up with the surgeon. All of my stitches have fallen out, the last three fell out today after my shower. The one I lost yesterday was NASTY, it left a deep hole in my side. I brilliantly squirted rubbing alcohol in there because it looked full of lint and I wanted to flush it out. It may have LOOKED like the sides were healed over but I assure you they were NOT. *screams* Today it is all filled in and much less disgusting looking. I'm getting a small amount of skin die off around the incision areas but only what is expected around stitches. They itch a LOT less than they did when the stitches were still in there. I didn't even know they were dissolvable until they all started falling off, lol.

I feel 90% normal today but very tired after being out and about all day. I can't believe how my endurance has decreased in just a week and a half. I feel winded all the time. It's getting better but i'm still just "plumb tuckered out"!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"He was just limping, why did you waste money on a vet?"

"It's not like you have tons of money just laying around and it's not like it was SERIOUS or anything."

And how am I supposed to KNOW it is nothing serious without the vet coming out. Sure, I could take a wait and see attitude but for around $100 (which no, I did not have spare laying around but I managed to get it things worked out) I had the peace of mind of knowing the vet had looked at him and it was highly unlikely that it would turn into something serious.

Wait and see works for some things. The severity of Brego's lameness that first night went beyond "wait and see". I probably could have gone to "wait and see" the next morning and been fine. i am FINE with "wait and see" if it doesn't look likely that the problem could escalate to something serious if not dealt with early. Being almost three legged lame is one of those things that can go from a $100 farm call today to a $1000 career ending thing in two days.

Don't you love arm chair quarterbacks who question your care choices for your animals? Sometimes they have valid points, sure, but in this case do they really think criticizing someone for actually calling a vet is needed? yup, I got that comment this weekend from someone online. lol. If I hadn't called the vet they would have been the first person to jump my butt for NOT calling the vet.

And people wonder why I am spending less and less time on forums and bulletin boards. *rolls eyes*

Heaven forbid someone call a vet when their horse is lame.