Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm dreaming of a greeeeen Christmas!

OK, maybe green isn't the right word. Mud brown is more accurate, really. But "not white" is fine with me. "White Christmas" may be one of the few holiday movies I can stand to watch (Love the music, Bing Crosby's voice is butter. Plus Danny Kaye cracks me up) but I won't shed a tear if we don't have snow.

Brego seems to be enjoying the weather as well. He has been full of himself in the mornings, dashing around snorting.


This was a few weeks ago. I should get more when i go out and feed this morning.

It's not like we haven;t had ANY snow. But this winter, so far, hasn't been..... well it hasn't been "typical winter in Michigan" for sure.


But, I mean, for Michigan in December this barely even counts as snow.


Nightshade was not happy when it did snow. hehe.


My only concern is that when winter finally realizes it has been easy on us it will make up for lost time. *shudder*

I really need to move south. Not way south. Just to hardiness zone 7. lol.