Monday, January 11, 2010

Random nonsense.

This post will be a catch all of the last few weeks, tossed against the wall to see what sticks, as my grandmother used to say.

Over the holidays my dad called to tell me I needed to call my aunt Evelyn in Oklahoma. The holidays were kind of loony, as they are wont to be, so it was a week or so before I got in touch with her. Turns out she has a niece that lives about 8 miles from me. Her niece is 26 but developmentally closer to grade school age. She is one of those special needs "kids" who is absolutely the light of everyone's life who knows her.

Well it seems her whole world revolves around horses. She has taken riding lessons and she lives, breathes and dreams horses. During one of their phone conversations she mentioned to Aunt Evelyn that her favorite horses were "Hairy Hoof Gypsy Horses". So I got her info so I could call and talk to her folks about maybe meeting up and letting her meet Brego and maybe see if I could get together with a friend who has several Gypsy horses so she could pet a bunch of them.

Unfortunately, immediately after that call my kid got sick as a dog. Turns out she has Mono. Her temp has been all over the place and she has no energy at all. No appetite, sleeping constantly, basically sprawled on the couch without the energy to even sit at her computer and play video games. But I think by tomorrow morning she will have gone 24 hours without a fever and can return to school. Then I will give them a call and see about getting to know Nicki and sharing my love of Gypsy Horses with her.

In other news, I am learning to type properly in hopes it will make me more employable should I decide to get a job. Also, I am thinking about trying to get a job, lol. First, we decided it was time ti find a way to get a second car. Since we have only put about 47 hours on our tractor since we bought it we are thinking we can probably survive without it. We are selling it and using the money to buy a second car. Tsu mentioned that to his boss and his boss asked if he might be able to go on day shift.

Oh my goodness.

So, after some discussion, it was decided that, yes, Tsu could and would indeed go on day shift. In all the time we have been together he has only been on days for about 8 months and he was a crabby bear the entire time because of having to drive in that traffic. I am hoping that this time it will be easier on him because he is being treated for his Fibro. But in the bigger picture what this means is that we might actually get to live like normal people for a change. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I may be able to listen to music during the day, Tiff can have friends over, we can make plans for during the day on weekends... we cn do things together as a family on week days because Tsu won't be sleeping from noon until 9 pm.

I'm giddy at the thought of not having to try to keep anyone and everyone silent all the time. He starts February 1 on days and I just can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hopefully we will have a second car by then.

I'll talk more about my thoughts on a job later, my brain hurts from trying to type properly instead of two finger and thumb typing.