Saturday, September 26, 2009

Metamora Celebration of the Horse

Today is a day I look forward to every year now. This is, I believe, the third year for the Metamora Celebration of the Horse.

That is the area where I used to live and work with horses, I have a few horsie friends I only see once a year at the Celebration, but mostly I just go for the parade and to see the horsies. I will have my camera along, of course. I may be running in to a few online folks and meeting them in person for the first time. Folks from But that is just a "if we happen to see each other" thing not an organized meeting or anything.

I'm going to check out the used tack shop, I want one of those "natural ride" bareback saddles and hope to find a used one there.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Replies to comments from yesterday:

Anonymous said...

"If you understood what was at stake you would listen, have you ever thought that maybe I will listen next time, after all why would normal hard working people like yourself, give up their free time in all weather, without salary and call on people regularly? By the way one visit soon will be your last visit, as the work that we are instructed to do will be complete, why not listen the next time and ask questions, surely you could spare a few minutes."

Oh, I did spare more than a few moments, and have over the last several years on numerous occasions. I was kind and polite and stood on my porch speaking to them. I know what they, and you, obviously think is at stake. I happen to disagree with those beliefs. I already have a faith with which I am most happy and which I believe as strongly as they believe theirs. I respect their right to believe it. I just have no desire to have them knock on my door to talk about it any more. I've never been anything but kind and polite, I have listened and spoke with them many times over the years. I respect them for what they do. I just don't want them to do it HERE any more.

the one said...

"You have a couple of options that are less expensive.

You can ask Jehovah's Witnesses to add you to their "do not call" list.

You could ask the nice people (and they are very nice) if they could not call between the hours of x and y because you have a night worker living in the house.

You could choose to take pride in the fact that you live in a country who's freedom of speech has been established and is well protected by those nice people who come and knock on your door... and if you doubt that statement, look into it. It is true if you live in Canada or the USA."

I printed my signs up for free, so no cost involved. I asked if they had a list the time before last and they said no. Thanks for letting me know they do now. And yes they are very nice. But there really IS no good time for them to stop by because we have three different sleep schedules in the house. Aside from which I don't really WANT them to come back because I have no desire at all to discuss faith or religion or my eternal soul with anyone aside from my spouse, my child and my God.

And I'm not sure where the freedom of speech thing came from. Not wanting people to knock on my door and wake up my husband who works nights has nothing to do with their right to proselytize and coming on private property to do so has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I happen to take a lot of pride in that fact that people who I disagree with have the right to speak their mind. But I should have just as much right to not listen to them. :-) Especially at my own home.

the one said...

"I forgot to mention, all of the Watchtowers are free. All of the books, bibles, pamphlets and tracts are all free... I just didn't want you to think that it was a special promotion to get you hooked on the magazine."

yes, I know they are free. I actually enjoy reading their literature sometimes even though I am not of their same faith (nor will I ever be). And I respect their dedication and think if everyone with a strong belief were willing to put in as much effort as they do for their cause the world would be a better place. I 100% believe that. I just want them to not come to my house to do it.

And to be completely fair, my objection is not JUST to the JW folks. I don't want sales people, politicians or kids selling cookies to knock on my door either. To be completely honest I don't even want our FRIENDS knocking because by now they should KNOW BETTER, and should have called first so I could be watching for them and keeping the dogs quiet. This is a lot less about the religious aspect of it and a lot more about not wanting my husband's sleep screwed up. Strangers have no way of knowing we have a day sleeper unless I put up a sign, and now I have. Problem, hopefully, solved.

A note for folks not wanting visits from the Jehovah's Witnesses: Thanks to The One's comment I did some research and found this page:

Jehovah's Witness do not call list info

JW Do Not Call List...

JWs know that the only way to stop a Jehovah's Witness from knocking on a door is by adding that address to their 'Do Not Call' list. Sadly the only way many non-JW's find out about this is by becoming irate and having the Witness at their door recommend it to them. The Do Not Call Campaign is designed to empower people and provide information about how to get on that list.

All an individual needs to do is to contact the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in their area (a simple phone book search will provide the information) and ask that their address be added to the 'Do Not Call' list.

The Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses does not provide any way for people to add their address to the list online. Currently, the only way to do so is by phoning the local Kingdom Hall or writing a letter. For individuals who choose to contact the Kingdom Hall directly, be polite but firm, do not allow them to visit you at your home to discuss the matter, be cautious and aware. They will often try to use your call as an opening to start a dialogue. Remember that the Jehovah's Witnesses, though nice people, use persuisive mind control tactics and they believe it is their god-given-duty to convert you.

I'm not going to quote anything else from the page because the tone bothers me and I am not comfortable with some of the accusations made against the JW's. I disagree with their beliefs but don't know enough about their organization to in any way support the accusations and comments made on that page, just thought the info about getting on the do not call list would be helpful for those of us who just don't want the knock at the door for whatever reason.

edit to add:

SpiritualBrother said...

Maybe you could put up a sign saying "No Religious Callers".

Nah, it isn't their religion I take issue with, it is them knocking on the door waking up my husband. I don't want Girl Scouts knocking either, lol, even if they have cookies. All the Thin Mints in the world aren't worth the risk of my husband falling asleep at the wheel driving to work and getting killed because he was awakened by people going door to door. I don't even mind if they want to leave their literature on my porch for me to read later... just don't wake anyone up!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh yay, I got a free copy of The Watchtower.


I thought after the whole "inappropriate actions by my then-stud colt that scared away the Jehovah's Witnesses" thing that I had been put on some kind of "crazy people live here, stay away" list. No luck. And unfortunately Sparrow didn't come to my rescue by masturbating in front of them and scaring them away this time. *dang it!!*

I was polite to them, but annoyed because as usual and as has happened almost every day for the last two weeks SOMEONE has come a-knocking on my door and set the dogs off which wakes Tsu up. *rips hair out*

So I went in search of a "No Soliciting" sign. There are some funny ones out there, like my current favorite "No DoorSpam!" hahaha!!! But I don;t think a simple "No Soliciting" sign says everything I need it to say, so I am thinking of printing up a big long treatise on who is not allowed to knock on my door and why and posting it on the front door.

This is what I have so far (it is formatted to be centered):

Of ANY kind!!!!

We are happy with our choice of charities, our religion, our political choices and the products we buy. We will consider any solicitation to be trespassing and will act accordingly.

Night Shift Worker In Residence

Knocking on this door during the day is like someone knocking on your door in the middle of the night. Even if you knock quietly it causes the dogs to bark which wakes the whole house. Unless you are a personal friend, have a delivery to drop off or your hair is on fire and you need one of us to put it out please consider carefully whether or not knocking on this door is the considerate thing to do.

Thank you for not being a jerk, have a nice day!

But I have to be honest and say some of the signs and stickers I found online are a hoot. One says "Jesus doesn't leave here, please don't leave his mail." Another says "Solicitors, knock at your own risk! This household charges $20 per minute paid in advance to listen to any sales pitch, religious talk or why we should vote for your candidate. No exceptions. If you don't plan to pay DON'T KNOCK! Thank you and have a nice day!" *snicker* Or how about "WARNING: Guard dog on duty. He absolutely hates anyone selling phone service, magazine subscriptions or religion. KNOCK AT YOUR OWN RISK!"

Or how about "Solicitors will be cheerfully fed to my sharks." lol. Or my favorite next to the No DoorSpam... "Go sell crazy somewhere else, I'm stocked up."

I like the short and sweet ones but I think I will use mine and make them stand out there reading for a good 15 minutes before they leave.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aren't you glad....

.... that talk like a pirate day is over? lol.