Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I was good....

...I was almost on him... almost. I was laying over him, I had a leg over him, but I obeyed the doctor, kinda, and didn't actually swing that leg over and climb all the way on. It was SOOOO tempting though.

Afterward I wanted to get some pictures of him moving.

"Come on mom, let's get this crap done and over with!"


WHEEEE! (this was as feisty as he got, a head toss, lol.)


trit trot off we go...


"I'll canter, but I am putting as little energy as possible into it."


He was a VERY good boy. No trying to quickly reverse directions, no fussing or anything. I ran him around with the bareback on tightened up nice and snug after I climbed all over him (the saddle hurts to lay over. You can see my bareback on the ground outside my flimsy round pen in that last picture, lol). the most he did was toss his head like he was annoyed when I was sending him around toward my right. he really doesn't like going that direction as much as going toward my left.

Chickory dickery dock....

...the roots are chickory. that purply blue flowered weed by the side of the road? they have been used for a couple of hundred years as a coffee substitute. I dug them up, washed and dried them, roasted them in an oven, ground them up in a coffee grinder, roasted them in a dry frying pan because they just weren't roasted enough for my taste, then brewed up a pot of something that looked and tasted remarkably like coffee.

I set up a temporary round pen in the barn lot and longed Brego in it yesterday. He does so much better in there than just in the open barn lot. It's not solid enough for me to run him loose and be able to really push him but it is showing him that he has a fence there and can;t just tuck his head and muscle away from me (draft mentality, the doofus).

This weekend is the primitive shoot and camp out at the blackpowder club. Not sure when we are going to get that hay over here but it has to be before friday. The dogs are going to grandmas's house, the horses will have a round bale, the cats will have full food and water dishes and clean litter boxes, and I will be sleeping on the ground! WHOOOOO!

I may take my camera out when I go work the knucklehead. Who knows, I might try climbing up on him today. *big goofy grin*