Saturday, March 28, 2009

Houston, we are go for lift off!

Paddock 1 (the barn lot, lol) fence is DONE and ready for Brego. Paddock 3 I ended up getting tired and sore and put some temp fence up. It's half the size it will be eventually but right now there are a bunch of scrubby bushes in parts of it that need to be hacked out and there are some trees with low branches that need to come out. So I fenced in the safe area and called it good. All the wire is marked with scraps of cloth to make it more visible, the rest is electric tape.

Mary and Sparrow spent a half hour in the new Paddock 3 running around like idiots. Mary promptly urinated by the gate while Sparrow flung himself on the ground and rolled in the masses of weeds. I guess that is how they each mark their territory or something because they both do that EVERY time I stick them in a new area.

So... Everything is ready for Brego to come home! I'm exhausted. I'm going to go knit another wash cloth.


... I walked around all day singing this song:

I hate to say this, because I loved the Bryan Adams version of the song, but I like this one better.

Anyway... I loaded up the car with 7 bags of returnable bottles. I've been on a rampage doing stuff I have wanted to do for years and I needed some paint to repaint the front door, and some post toppers so I can finish getting the fence ready for Brego. It took me an hour to turn in all the bottles, got over $30, whooo! And there are more bottles out there. hehehe.

Anyway, the bottle returns covered all but $3 of what I needed to buy yesterday. yay! Tsu is on Global Oncall this week and can't leave the house because he is glued to his computer 24/7. It SUCKS. They don't pay him enough for this crap, but at least 1) he has a job and 2) it is only one week out of every 11. So I went by myself. It was nice. Quiet. I was able to fart around and just chill.

So I finally got my curtains and got them up, instead of having none on some windows and old blankets on other windows.


Look at my mid-70 wood paneling! I hate to admit this but I actually LOVE it, lol! The ceiling, however, I hate (and don't get me started on those obnoxious wires hanging there. *sigh* They look so nasty.):


Then I got started on the floor. I was going to put in linoleum but i just haven't been able to find any I like. What I wanted was to have it look like the floor in the hay loft of the barn at the first horse farm I ever worked at. So I decided to do some experimenting with finishes and I discovered that Minwax Dark Walnut and paste wax give me the look I like (this is not waxed yet, though. I am doing the floor one square of wood at a time so I don't have to haul everything out of the room):


In the corner you can see some of the unfinished wood. It's just plywood. But with the finish I like it, it's rustic. And if the dog's nails scratch it I can just restain it and it just adds to the "distressed" look. I know, I'm a hick, but i actually LIKE it and since I am the one who has to look at it and I am the only one who CARES that is what matters. lol. I'm going to need to see if anyone will loan me one of those small hand buffing wheels when I get serious about waxing it.

Then the front door. Piece of crap front door. It has been hideous since I bought the place. It had been painted and the paint was chipping off and was all gross. I painted it once and just made it worse, I think. So after i had been sanding some rough edges off the floor I decided to start sanding the front door. I got obsessed.

By the end of the day I had sanded the packing out of it and painted it with some primer I had left over from the front room floor. yesterday I put two coats of white paint on it, applied with a roller. The slight texture hides the fact that even after sanding the door is lumpy. This was after one coat, it looks even better with the second coat on:


THEN I got the temporary divider fence replaced with real posts, got the t-post caps put in on all the posts, added a gate in the side paddock so I can get in and out without going through the barn lot (I'm going to start numbering the paddocks, naming them is getting confusing).

I moved the temporary posts out to replace missing posts around the old paddock I am rebuilding so I can put the minis in there until Brego has time to settle in.

This is the back paddock:


Yeah, the run in roof got blown off last year. I haven't used this paddock in about 6 years so it is a mess. But I've cleared out everything dangerous and pulled down most of the old wire. I'll be restringing wire on that this weekend and moving them out there.

I think I am nesting, like a pregnant woman when she is almost ready to have her baby. lol.

I also got Brego one of those feed buckets you can hang on a fence rail. In the barn we have wooden railing and since Marsha said he is a slow eater I think I can hang it high enough for him to eat out of it but so that the minis can not get into it. That way if they work out being pastured together he can still get his munch on as slow as he wants to without having to be locked into a stall. If he doesn't do so hot with the minis it won't matter, but the feeder was on sale for $9 and I couldn't resist buying something for my baby boy while I was at TSC!

Oh holy moses, I've typed a book. lol. I better go find some breakfast and get to work on the back paddock (paddock 3, I guess, lol).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have a tentative delivery date...

...of April 4th.

*runs in small circles waving her arms over her head and squealing*


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does he poop ice cream and butterflies and fart rainbows?

NO! He does not!

I made this new sig picture for a few horse forums I go to:


So, maybe a little explanation is in order. For folks who are not fans of Gypsy Horses these horses are seen as a bit of a joke. Part of this is because there are a number of people who paid into the high 5 and low 6 digits for breeding stock and there was a lot of talk about how "magical" they are. Let's face it, they DO look like something out of a fantasy book and so it is only natural that folks who are into fairies and princesses and unicorns might be attracted to them.

Because of this many folks who like them got a reputation for being kooky middle aged women who have more money than sense. People without an interest in the breed found them laughable and started to mock them, the people who like them and the breed (or type) itself. A very strong stereotype developed and even though the price of the horses has dropped a good deal and a lot more people who just like feathered breeds or cobs and want a sturdy cob sized draft animal with some flash are buying into the breed most folks still seem to assume that anyone who likes them is a kook who thinks they are "magical".

So when I would admit I wanted one it was common for my horsie friends online and in real life to ask me, "Do they really poop ice cream and butterflies and fart rainbows?"

Hence the disclaimer in the sig picture.

That said, I am a down to earth person. I just want my horse to be a happy horsie. No magic required. BUT I do think there is a kind of "magic" when you find the right horse. I had that with Trooper. I had it with Jamie. I have a shadow of it with Mary. I hope I have it with Brego, I think I will. But it isn't really MAGIC. It is simply something wonderful that happens when a horse person spends time with a good horse. And the horse doesn't even have to have hairy feet for THAT kind of magic to happen.

Edit to add: That said, if he did poop ice cream and butterflies it would sure make mucking the barn a lot more pleasant, wouldn't it?


He's mine. HE'S MINE!!!




In the wise and eloquent words of Marsha, who has been so kind and patient and generous to me over the last several months: Pony gets a pony! Pony gets a pony!

*jumps up and down runs in circles, and dances until she is dizzy*

Now it is just a matter of getting him here. I can't wait. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

*spins in circles*

Oh, and my husband got a tv or something. It's nice.




The wait to get him here is going to drive me crazy but he's mine. MINE! It only took me almost 40 years but I finally have my little hairy horsie!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009




Isn't that the most exciting picture you have ever seen? LOL.

Man, Sparrow is looking grubby. Yay for the spring shedding season, blarg:




Nigel in the sweater I knit for him:


Misty's big old nose:


AWWWW! Isn't he HANDSOME????



20 bales stacked in the barn. And I helped to move it! Yeah! Keep in mind that like 5 years ago I needed help to brush my hair. Yesterday I helped move 20 bales of hay that weigh like 100 pounds each (big tightly packed heavy bales of good green mixed hay) and today? I'm a little stiff but otherwise fine!

So... yay me!

So last night after we got the hay I changed into my bloomers and hand made shirt, and chilled around the house while Tsu grilled us up some wieners. Talk about delicious! It tasted like summer. You know what I mean? I feel all giddy and powerful because I was actually able to do something I used to do Before. Before the arms got bad, Before I hurt all the time. Before things changed. These mitts of mine will never be normal but they are better. I still can't draw, but I can move hay. Hot diggity. We got the water tank moved into it's summer location yesterday too. The fish survived the winter, much to my delight. Getting so much done, it feels wonderful.

I got my curtains this weekend. The curtain rods still need to be moved but no more blankets hanging over the windows!!! That has improved moral around here a lot, too. I also did some work in the kitchen. I restained the cabinet fronts, where i had removed the handles and spackled the holes in. I also worked on a spot of flooring to see how it looked. It turned out lovely so I need to get a can of Dark Walnut Minwax stain and a can of paste wax so i can get that done as well. I like the way it looks better than the linoleum I was looking at.

I let the rooster back out of his cage and closed the gate at the top of the steps to the front porch. He hangs out on the steps now. I have had to defend myself from him once or twice, though. He needs his spurs trimmed again. He is right at the top of the steps right now crowing. Hahaha! Silly rooster.

It looks like today will be a beautiful day. The sun is out, it's almost above freezing. The ponies are munching hay instead of eating beet pulp and alfalfa cubes like they were last week.

And we should have word about how much the stock sold for, maybe even get the money direct deposited today!!!! That means I will be able to send Marsha some money within the next few days.

I'm so excited that I might just knit another sock today to celebrate!!!

I think I might take the camera out and get some pictures today. I need a shot of Nigel in his new knit sweater anyway. Maybe get some new pics of the rooster, and some pics of how frumpy and ratty the ponies look.

But for now, I just need more coffee.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The stock arrived...

...and we got screwed. Instead of like 1100 shares we got around 600. The taxes were supposed to be covered separately, but instead they decided they couldn't do that after all, so they are automatically selling almost 400 shares to cover the taxes. Plus the shares had dropped in price some (but not a lot, thankfully). *sigh* So I will have almost half as much as expected for my horse.

I would be seriously depressed right now except that Marsha, bless her lovely soul, has told me not to worry, he is mine. Pay what I can and she will take "pay as you can" payments for the balance. I'm just waiting to see how much i actually get so i can discuss it with her and send her the money.

However, there has been some really good discussion going on with my husband and I this weekend. We discussed how we have cut corners and saved some money. His pay cut was a great incentive for us to cut the corners I had been wanting to cut. Between the changes in our satellite bill by cutting to a lower package (even if it did mean I gave up court tv and animal planet), canceling our game subscriptions, canceling one of our life insurance policies, switching to a new auto insurance, etc... we have cut expenses by almost $400 a month in total. Once his pay comes back up to normal in June... well, as long as we keep those corners trimmed that puts us in a pretty good place.

So I was discussing Sparrow. And Tsu said he thinks we should not push to sell him until we see how our finances go this summer once Brego is here. Because Sparrow doesn't eat much and with the changes we have made in our monthly finances we should be able to handle worming, shots and hoof care for three ponies OK. So he is still for sale and if the perfect home comes along that is great but if not, well, my little buddy might not have to go.

That is totally worth not having World of Warcraft to play when the weather is yucky and i get bored.