Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The fanciest goat pen this side of the Mississippi.

So, the goats have DeStRoYeD the little hoop hut. It served it's purpose but now we need something more solid and permanent. We have plans for it, but I also needed a goat-safe stall in the barn to keep them in when weather is really bad, when babies are being birthed, when I need to keep some goats apart from other goats and to keep them in while we work on their outside pen.

I had this "stud stall" I built for Sparrow when i got Mary and I tried to put the goats in there but Rosemary The Climber got out within 20 minutes. So I requested help from the guys to make a goatproof stall. After brainstorming we came up with the idea to use the left over lattice from our wedding decorations (HAHAHA!!!) to extend the walls up.

It only took a couple of hours. They managed to get it all done between taking our first doe of the firearm gun season and heading back out to hunt for the evening. It works and the stinkers can't get out.


It looks like it needs climbing vines with flowers growing on it. *rolls eyes and laughs*

The goats, resigned to their fate and chilling out.


Now I need to tear down the hut before the ground freezes and make my second goat stall in the little barn with the cattle panels from that, get the new shelter put up in there, and get some toys for the goats to climb on in the back corners of their stalls to help keep them entertained. I have a couple of old woodenshop tables I may use for that.

Today I set them up with their free choice minerals and baking soda, and while I can't say they are THRILLED they do really seem to enjoy being in out of the wind and sprinkles.

Brego comes dashing out of the barn every time one of them stands up against the door and looks out. It's quite funny. I left them a space over the door so they can look out but not get out.

Once I get the other little pen in the barn done I'll have more room than I have goats. Hm. maybe that means I should get more goats. *raises eyebrown*