Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's been busy!

Mary and Sparrow have gone to their new home. I haven't checked in to see how they are doing, I know Jim would let me know if they had any problems. Brego fussed for a day maybe, and has fallen into a routine of mugging me for cuddles and enjoying having his hay to himself. He keeps sweet talking the neighbors mare and talking to the goats in the barn. My barn floor is drying up without Mary and Sparrow in there going pee all the time as well.

I started putting Nightshade out in the barn in a big dog crate during the day last weekend, i figured he was two weeks old which was when i started to pull the babies from their moms for a few hours so i could get milk, so he could basically do the same thing. Two nights ago he started spending the night out there as well. YAY! No more goat diapers. Today I have him spending some time in with the does and the two Kennys. Chickory and Parsley have relocated ot the outdoor goat pen.

Basically NO ONE is happy. *grin* Rosemary misses her baby, but Nightshade is making good use of her milk. I still have to put her in the milk stand to get her to let him nurse but he has a full tummy at all times so it's working out well.

I gave Parsley his first driving lesson and he did great. He is a natural at giving to pressure, he doesn't LIKE it, but he gets the concept, yay!