Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok, it is finally time... "It's not a hobby, it's a life style"

Remember some time last week or so when I made a quick post to remind me to talk about this comment someone made on Dr. Phil? Where some little twitter of a newly wed said she made her new husband sell his horse because "horses aren't a hobby, they are a lifestyle"?

Yeah. I'm finally ready.

First, my opinion on the comment. You are darn right, honey bunch! Owning animals of any kind, ESPECIALLY if they live at or in your home IS a life style! If that isn't YOUR lifestyle that is fine, just please don't have animals and make them miserable by expecting them to do all of the adapting (I.E. chain them up outside to a tree because you don't want to be bothered with house breaking them or taking them out several times a day). And for heaven's sake if you don't like the animal owning life style and fall in love with someone who does either learn to deal or make it clear what you expect BEFORE you make it legal so the person has the option to say "no thanks" when you demand they give up one of the most important things there is for an animal lover.

If you own a show dog that lives at the handlers, or if you board your horse at a farm and ride twice a week this may not apply and you may be a totally devoted and caring pet owner. But if your animals live at your house and you are their primary care giver they are indeed a lifestyle.

Examine my day, for instance. I wake a half hour before my daughter gets up so I can let the dogs out and have my coffee. I make sure all of the animals indoors have food and water, and check the litter boxes to see if they need cleaning in the morning or in the afternoon. I also make sure the wandering cats in the neighborhood have water in the heated outdoor bowl. Then I get the kid up and fed so she can go to school. Once she goes to school I make sure the rabbit and chicken have water and make sure the ponies have water and their legs are all still there and in working order. I come in and have another few cups of coffee, let the dogs out again. Around 9 I head out and feed the ponies. If the litter boxes need cleaning in the morning I do that before noon. Then I have time to come here, visit my forums, etc. Around noon I do a water check again, and work the ponies if the weather cooperates. That takes anywhere from n hour to two hours depending on who I work and how, and what grooming needs to be done. I then pick up any poo that isn't frozen to the ground, in the barn, pasture, dog run and chicken area. Except for right now, because everything always IS frozen to the ground right now so I just don't bother until it warms up, lol.

I go back in and let the dogs out again.

OK, I could go on but you get the picture. Sure, I do more than most might because I am here. But still, even when we go away from home we have to plan our day around the animals. Can't leave until after 9 so the ponies get their breakfast on time. Have to be home before 9 so the dogs can go out and not have an accident. Anyone who doesn't understand and accept this doesn't stick around for long, thankfully.

NOW... on to the concept of "making" someone you "love" give up their "lifestyle".

COME ON! If you really love them... love them the way they are... why would you catch them and then change the rules? "Oh, you are a cowboy type guy who loves riding and your horse? Well, I love you but now that we are married I don't like your lifestyle so sell the horse or I am leaving you!" What the... ?!?!?!

I see this often. Guy is a fireman, falls in love, gets married, wife suddenly decides being a fireman is too dangerous and throws a fit until husband changes careers and is miserable for the rest of his life because she decided she knew what he needed more than he did. But if he DOESN'T give it up he looks like a selfish jerk who is putting his job above his wife. I've seen first hand where this happens, one spouse changes the rules and the other ends up giving up part of what makes them who they are.

I'm not sure who frustrates me more, the person who changes the rules or the one who gives in and ends up having to slowly let their soul wither away.

Listen, if you marry a guy (or gal) who is a couch potato and safety conscious and is frugal and cautious and they suddenly decide to blow all of their money on equipment and jump off of high rise buildings I totally get putting your foot down and saying, "Hey, wait, I didn't sign up for this!" But if they were ALREADY blowing their money and jumping off high rise buildings when you got together that was the deal you made.

Seriously, what is with people hooking up with someone completely unlike what they want then trying to completely change them into something different? It drives me nuts!


OK, I think I am done venting. lol.

They like me, They REALLY like me!!!!

"I'd like to thank the academy, my dog, and all the fine folks at Maxwell House Coffee!"

I'm writing my acceptance speech for the award I was kindly given by fellow blogger Melissa, at her blog "Thousand Word Balance".

"This is an award to give to blogs that are are making a difference in the blogosphere. Roger, its creator said, "We are all artists in are own way, be it art, photography, writing, philosophy, comedy, or blogging, and we all go a little crazy sometimes. But if you ever feel so crazy to cut off your ear and give it to a prostitute, "Seek Help"! Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.""

Of all the awards that I could be given I have to say this one tickles me like no tomorrow, lol. Thank you, dear! You made my week! I shall keep it on my pretend computer mantle by my pretend computer fireplace and shall pass it along when I find others who deserve it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Else I Do Online... Global Family Room

I'm going to highlight a few of the places I go and things I do online because... I'm kind of bored and I thought it would be nice to share the places I enjoy on the internet.

If you look in my links to the right side of the page you will see these places are listed there in case you want to check them out. I will be highlighting each in their own post.

First and foremost is the Global Family Room.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You will also see I have a huge ad on the right side that you can click that will take you there. I am an admin at GFR, and have been going there for years now.

Here is a little blurb we send out to people when we want to invite them to join us:

"Hello! I am one of 7 women who owns and operates an online community for counter-culture families and parents. Our member base consists of eclectic people with alternative living styles that are interested in meeting other unique people and supporting moms, dads, and families who live their own way while keeping an open mind toward the ways of others. You are receiving this message because I think you could benefit from being a member of our community and we could benefit from having you! We are free to join, require no personal information other than a working email address for registration, which will never be sold, given away, or used for anything other than forum notifications and announcements, and welcome anyone and everyone who's interested! Come join us today and find friends who share your interest in .......

Click the banner below to join our community today!

Please note that in order to keep our member list one that is always current and active, we will delete any account created that does not show any activity with 72 hours of registration.

Click here to visit our myspace for further information and to add us as a friend!
And click here to learn more about the staff of Global Family Room!"

Don't let the "alternative life styles" throw you off. We are just mostly the folks who don't fit in at traditional "mom" or "family" sites because we have tattoos, weird hair, piercings, or just like activities that make some folks raise an eyebrow... we are Wiccan, pagan, Christian, atheist, agnostic, conservative, liberal (though to be honest, more liberal than conservative, lol, but there are still plenty of folks with conservative politics there).

These folks (mostly ladies but a handful of guys) have been so kind and supportive to me. I spend a LOT of time there.

If you check it out and want to join let me know what user name you sign up under as we get a LOT of spammers trying to sign up so we ban and delete a lot of those and if anyone joins I want to make sure they don't get deleted on accident.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


OK, the time has come to announce the next item in my big monthly give away, and explain what silly kind of hoops you have to jump through to win it!

This month's give away item is a gourd necklace on a leather "chain":



As you can see the pendent is fairly good sized, it has a silhouette of a horse head. This is made from a scrap piece of gourd left over after I made a candle holder as a gift for a friend, I make use of EVERYTHING! Hehehe!

OK, this time what you need to do it win is send me an email at and tell me the funniest joke you know! I will print all of them in my blog as long as they not "too" risque, and the one I like the best and think is the funniest will win the necklace!

The contest will be open for entry until the last day of the month and you can enter as MANY times as you would like!!!

Good luck everyone!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ask Pony #2

Here we go! We have three questions this time around!

1. "How'd you get to be such an artistic Diva?"

I have to laugh. I've never been referred to as a diva before. I'm not sure how it happened. I don't come from a particularly artistic family, yet several of the "kids" in my generation are very artistic. I was just lucky I guess!

2. "Got any tips for those of us trying to lose weight?"

You bet I do! First, take SMALL steps! make little changes so you don't feel overwhelmed and miserable. Second, common sense, eat less and move more. It doesn't have to be a lot, just little changes. A few less chips or soda here, a few more steps there. It all adds up! And finally, stick with it!!!!! Even if you don't see rapid weight loss remember that this is a long term journey to get HEALTHIER.

3. "My boyfriend wants me to move in with him but he wants me to get rid of my bird. I've had Joker since I was 8, and can't imagine getting rid of him. But I love my boyfriend and I don't want to put an animal over people. He says this is proof that I love the bird more than I love him. What should I do?"

*takes a deep breath*

Honey, I'm going to try to be as kind as possible when I say this... tell your boyfriend to shove it. Then don't walk, RUN away. If you are looking at moving in together I assume that means you are at least 18. I also assume this means you have had Joker for at least 10 years. A decade.

Do you REALLY want to be stuck living with a man who thinks tossing away a 10 year+ long relationship with ANY living thing is acceptable? And if you love birds do you want to spend your life with a man who doesn't want you to have one? How is it YOU are expected to give up a creature that you LOVE, and he isn't expected to accept the things in your life that you love and that bring you joy?

RED FLAG TIME!!!! Even if this guy is 100% great in every other way this situation makes it clear that you have at least one major sticking point in being able to live together. That being that he thinks he has a right to make you sell or otherwise get rid of your pet. I don't know about you, but as a pet lover there is no way in hot Hades I would move in with a man who thinks MY pets are DISPOSABLE at his whim!!!!

And if it is just an issue of his apartment not allowing pets, suggest that you both look for an apartment where Joker will be allowed. If he balks at that idea chances are that he is using the apartment policy as an excuse. Or he is just too lazy to move and he wants YOU to have to do all the moving.

Make it clear that you AND the bird are a package deal. If you want to stick with this creep... I mean this guy.... make sure and lay down some ground rules NOW otherwise (and trust me on this one) he will end up walking all over you and a decade from now you will be wishing you had kept Joker and dumped the Loser.

And that whole "This is proof you love the bird more than you love me" garbage? WOW! Manipulative! Take a step back, sweetie. Really look at the way this guy treats you. Is this what you REALLY want? Some twerp who emotionally blackmails you into ditching your pets?

OK, I could go on about that one forever, but I think I have said all I have to say on THAT one!

Remember, you can ask me questions at!!!

Shipped My First order!

Yes, I already sold a gourd and shipped it out! I also sent out Gale's prize. Thank you to everyone who entered and who keeps checking in on my blog. (((HUGS))) to all of you!

Update on Tsu: he started to stiffen back up yesterday but no where near as bad as he had been thursday.

Other big news: Today is Nigel's Gotcha Day!!! That means it has been 6 whole years since I got him. Hard to believe it has been that long. I got him a chew bone as a gift. And of course I had to get one for Misty just so she would let him chew his without stealing it. So they are both blissfully chomping away. I love my dogs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The winner of the January Give Away is:

*drum roll*

Gale In Alabama!!!!

Gale, email me at with your address and I will ship it out first thing this week!

Congratulations and watch during the next week for our February Give Away!!!


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