Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Prince goes blind....

My little knight in shining armour is losing his sight. Mr. Nigel, hairless wonder extraordinaire. has glaucoma. And thickening of the cornea. Old man eyes.


The glaucoma is troubling, since we don't know what is causing it. It's not diabetes. It could just be a plugged duct for the eye fluid (vitreous humour?) or it could be any other number of minor or serious things. Best case scenario it is a plugged drain tube, meds decrease the inflammation and once the pressure drops he is normal. Worst case? Tumor, he loses the eye (Oh no! he might not be so devastatingly handsome!!! this could happen anyway if we can't lower the pressure) but most likely prognosis, he needs glaucoma meds the rest of his life.


He is almost 11. I've officially had him 10 years as of Ground Hog's Day. I may possibly love this dog more than I have ever loved any other animal in my entire life (my horse, Brego, is a close second, and I could give you the list for about three pages, in order). I don't care if he has both eyes. I only care that he is happy and comfortable. And to be fair, all it takes to keep him happy is a warm place under the blanket and something stinky to chew on. Like a dead cow foot, which I got him for his "Gotcha Day" present.


Oh no, if he is blind I might have to carry him places! He would love that. I am sad he is getting old, and having age related issues. But he gives me so much that I want to care for him as he gets older. Eye drops twice a day? Occasionally having to put a belly band on him?