Monday, April 27, 2009

Drat this weather!!!

'Tis refusing to cooperate! Wind, rain, thunder, lightening. Blarg. One moment sunny and 80 degrees and the next 64 and pouring rain. Not highly conducive to an effective training schedule.

Our power was out for hours today. I read some (entertainingly enough I am reading "At Home In The Woods" by Vena and Bradford Angier). I knitted a bit. Tsu ran into town to get a phone that doesn't require electricity since we no longer had one, as well as some gas for the generator. Our well pit will flood without electricity. He'd just powered up the generator to make sure it would start then ran a cord to the well pit and as he was preparing to open the vile pit up and plug in the sump pump the power came back on.

But you know, April Showers and all that...

Will write more later perhaps. :-)


  1. Hey WarPony, you won an award, check out my blog to pick it up, you don't have to publish it but you deserve it!!!

  2. I hate rain... blah can't do anything ... wet drippy droppy gray skys... bleh I say again.

    On a different note - I'm learning first level dressage -- it's ALWAYS awesome when you finally get it right cause then the horse does and it feels AWESOME !

  3. Oh man. When you and the horse click and it just flows... people who think dressage is boring must have never felt that because it is anything BUT boring!!

  4. I like the comment "You just sit there and the horse does all the work" my reply is "you do it". The really fun part of all this is that my horse is learning too. My barn buddy is a high level dressage trainer so she's teaching me to teach Bonnie. I get to ride her German Warmblood to learn what it feels like - then apply that with Bonnie. It's way cool.