Friday, July 3, 2009

I feel like poo, again.

Another gall bladder attack. Not as bad as the one I had a while back that had Tsu wanting to take me to the ER but pretty bad and it lasted for HOURS and HOURS. I am still sore but not in an active attack any more. I ate like crap yesterday but not anything that should have set me off, so apparently now I just plain can't deviate from my normal diet without setting it off. yay. But you know what? The Coffee Crunch I had may just have been worth it. Yeah, I said "Coffee Crunch". Sounds weird but it was delicious.

My baby brother is getting married tomorrow. Tsu is best man. We had to go pick up his tux and it turned into a much longer trip than we expected because of idiot drivers and road construction. So we got back to town to late to come home and too early to go to the church for rehearsal. So we headed out to Past Tense Antiques to look at old stuff and get some munch. We bought two toffee flavored Coffee Crunch's, a giant cinnamon roll to eat today, and way too much fudge. Toffee and peanut butter chocolate. That Coffee Crunch is an iced coffee with crushed ice and hard toffee in it and it was DELICIOUS! Totally worth the calories and possibly even the gall bladder attack.

The rehearsal went great. My brother's airsoft team is going to be in the wedding too, at least some of the team. Those guys are a HOOT!

Anyway, the guys went out to a video game place for the bachelor party and mom and Wayne brought me home and dropped me off. The dogs and horses were TICKED because it was way past their dinner time. I don't feed them spot on every day just so that they are used to having a slight variation in feed times. So it doesn't stress them out so much they get belly aches but it does annoy the packing out of them. I ran around feeding everyone and the horses were talking to me, complaining the whole time. It was so cute.

They only got 4 hours out on grass yesterday, but today they can stay out until dark if they want to. Tomorrow they won't get any grass time at all, just the last few flakes of last years hay. Tsu is off this week, vacation, so we should be able to get that old table cleared off in the barn so I can list it on craigslist. yay for hay money!!!

Also, I think my laptop is dying. It needs more memory. It has, um, 1 gig of Dance Dance Revolution. lol. NOT Dance Dance Revolution 2, though. Lame joke. I guess my archaic machine uses DDR memory and all the spares we have are DDR2 which won't work. I need a new lap top but I am just plain not going to try and find money for one at this point. Hay and fencing is WAY higher priority.

Ugh. I need to try and sleep off the aftermath of this gall bladder attack.


  1. I haven't followed your blog, just saw this title on another blog and had to come over. I would go back and read more but my computer doesn't like your site! Hmmmm . . . will try later.

    Anyway, why don't you have your gallbladder out? It will change your life! In 2002 at the age of 28 I had my first attack and I thought I was having a heart attack. But, I was uninsured as I was recently laid off and am not big on making a big deal of medical things (I know . . . stupid) so I just lived through it. Thought it was a freak thing.

    I continued having them, usually not quite as bad, and learned to breathe through them much like a woman breaths through labor. Oh, a couple here and there were bad, the worst ones made me throw up.

    Finally in 2003 I told my doctor about them, now that I was insured. He said it was heartburn and to avoid spicy foods. So, I did. But, at the same time I was eating healthier. They became few and far between.

    In 2006 I had a really bad one while driving. Lasted three hours parked in a parking lot. Surprised no one called 911. Had different insurance and better medical care and called the gastro doctor right away.

    Long story short, after many tests - CT scans, blood, ultrasounds - I was diagnosed and not only did I have gallstones, but the tube from my gallbladder to the intestine was blocked. I ended up having two surgeries in one day -- one to remove the stones from the tube and another to remove the gallbladder.

    It was my first surgery of any kind, so I was scared, but it wasn't so bad. I stayed the night in the hospital and the next week was tough. The hardest part was the gas they blow you up with. I healed up just fine with minimal scarring (had it done laproscopically) and no food issues whatsoever.

  2. P.S. It can be dangerous to keep the gallbladder as it can lead to pancreatic issues and all kinds of other things. When I had my last attack, I had brown urine, all kinds of issues pointing to my pancreas/liver. The doctor would have had me in for surgery straight away after it was discovered (doctor initially thought I had a blood clot in my lung because my gallbladder attacks were more in my chest) but I had to have the two surgeries, completely different, with two different surgeons so there were scheduling issues and I refused surgery unless they were back to back as I am afraid of needles. Got me in within several days, with very strict guidelines, etc. Ate cheerios w/ skim milk all week. So, was in one surgery in an x-ray room as the thing went down my throught and unclogged the tubes, back in recovery, woke up and said hi to my Mom, then wheeled into a different surgery room with a different surgeon to take it out.

  3. I agree with the above poster Pony - Gallbladder is not something to play with. Feel better soon !

  4. Hay Pony - I have a 17 inch synthetic all purpose saddle - medium wide tree - fits Bonnie and a german warmblood that I wouldn't mind selling. I'm going to buy a new treeless or one with a gullet change system as I have such extreme sizes in horses.

    Saddle is well used but it's clean and safe. If you are interested let me know. No Ieathers, irons or girth though sorry.