Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh, I almost forgot....

I saddled Brego up and longed him a bit. He had a brain fart moment but got it quickly back under control. It was the first time he trotted around me to the right and he just humped up his back and tried to bolt. I ended up letting him go because I didn't want to rip anything loose by fighting him, but he runs like 10 steps and stops and looks at me like, "Dang it, woman, what is wrong with you?" *huff huff huff* then he is back to normal. I also turned him loose with it on and ran him a bit so he would see what it felt like to do some running with a saddle on. He was perfectly fine, no silliness about the saddle at all.

He did NOT, however, like it when I pulled on it from the off side. Tomorrow I will saddle him up again and tie a rope to the stirrup leather so I can pull on it while he longes. I like to do that because it gets them used to having their balance effected by weight on the saddle without having someone in the saddle for the first time they feel it. I should have had my camera out there today.

I'm getting really impatient to get up on him. I just wish I had my round pen up. Im really not liking working him in the barn lot. It's too easy for him to get away from me.

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