Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know I am going to regret this...

I didn't work the horses at all today. It's supposed to start raining and rain most of the next week so I know I will regret it, but Mary and Brego both worked hard yesterday and Sparrow just started back into work and I don't want to over push him. But the weather was probably the best today that it will be for another week. *sigh*

Yesterday Brego was a turd. More ground driving, which he doesn't like... so he kept trying to bolt away. But we worked through it and he was doing good, though he was sweating a lot, by the time we finished. Then when he was good and tired we spent more time with the bit in his mouth.

This morning he was laying down when we went out for Tiff to get on the bus. Once she was gone I went into the paddock and he let me walk up to him while he was laying down. I crouched down and hugged on him, and gave him belly scratches and he leaned his head back against me and made this awful but funny groaning sound as he relaxed. It was quite sweet. I just can't get over the way he and Sparrow let me mess with them when they are laying down.

So I was involved in two gift exchanges, and I have sent both of my packages out already... but i forgot to get pictures of one of the items i made. BOOOO. Hopefully the lady I made it for will post pictures.

I made a knit fish for the gift package I am putting together for a family who are in a tough spot financially. Now I am going to start on a knit puppy for the little boy, the fish is for the girl. I also got some stuffed snowmen and penguins for them, and I am going to get each of the kids a stocking full of candy. Not spending much money, just some time and a few bucks. But it should fill out some space under their tree so it won't look so bare. It's been a while since i was able to do something like this and i'm having fun with it. I'll have to get pictures of the knit stuffies before i ship them off.

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