Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a wig!

I need to learn to NOT blurt that out. I finally found a wig I really like and it seems a lot of other people like it, too. It's kind of a long banged bob. I've had people who barely know me (cashier at the Family Dollar store, lady in the thrift shop) tell me I have great hair and/or compliment my on my hair style and I always blurt out that it is a wig. lol. I seriously need to learn to not do that and to just say thanks, but it feels kind of dishonest to just say thanks when people tell me my hair looks so healthy and thick, haha!

That's because it is PLASTIC!!!!


Well, at any rate, it took several tries but I think I found some fake hair I like. I have like 4 wigs now, and another on the way. But I think I found a good one, judging from the reactions I am getting. I've been wearing some of my other ones around the house because at first they were giving me a head ache but now I barely even know the thing is on.

Tonight we are going to go to see a zombie movie. Tomorrow I am going to make a serious post about why I do not breed any animals and will not ever be a breeder of animals and why animals I own tend to be here forever... But I have been so upset over situation that happened to an online friend of mine (remember when I went to pick up Brego and Mary and I stopped to visit a friend? That friend is the one involved) that I need to step away from the subject for a day or so before I write about it.


  1. where are the pics of the plastic hair???

  2. Hehe, none of me wearing it yet, but I'm sure some will pop up eventually.