Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muddy Ponies.

We've finally had more than one day without rain! HUZZAH!Two full days of not rain (not sun either but at least not rain).

I took these pictures right after the rain stopped. They LOVE gettin' filthy.


They even muddied up the inside of the barn right inside the door, ugh:


Even Mary is piggy:


It was still raining when I took these. Well, at least i had a month where his skin looked great, after all this junk even keeping him oiled/listerined as much as possible he is getting scurfy. Not scratches yet thankfully. He'll be right as rain (ha ha ha) if it stays dry for a while.



They HAVE dry places to stand they just never stand there. *rolls eyes*

I'd like to get some current pictures of them all now that their winter jammies are coming in but every time I clean them up it rains again and they get all filthed up from head to toe.

Sparrow, for once, didn't get all muck covered. He'll make up for it next time, though, I am sure.

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