Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I love animals...

They always seem to do the most shocking and inappropriate things and the least acceptable of times. Like Parsley deciding that Rosemary looks awfully attractive the minute my inlaws show up to see the goats for the first time... after having shown no interest in the girls since they got here. LOL.

Sorry I've not been writing much.

here is the short version:

2 week headache fixed by chiropractor.

excellent training sessions with horses.

weather way too nice to spend inside on computer.

*big grin*


  1. HAHAHAHAHA !!!! Parsley for a homely look'n dude gets himself a lady friend!!! Good for him!

    I expect pictures of you riding Brego soon!

    Happy Easter to you and your family my friend.

  2. Found your blog from The Goat Spot forum. Oh those bucks don't care who is around. At least he didn't pee on anybody..I had a buck do that to a potential goat customer once. He didn't mean too, it was more of a she was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Good thing she was a true goat person and did not get upset! Unlike the woman who came out to look at Pyr pups in flip flops and our adult Great Pyrenees dripped drool on her foot. Nice looking blog and animals. Your paint horse is gorgeous!

  3. JenQ: I have to get a new helmet first. I KNEW mine was way past age, but i went to put it on yesterday just in case I got to a point where i would be on his back and it has a huge crack in it. NO WAY am I getting up there without a brain bucket on my head, i already fell off him twice due to my own lack of balance. lol.

    Jennifer: I was just glad to see him being bucky at all! The little stinker, lol.