Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Todays blessings....

...clear water in the pool. horse's nose touching my toe as he turns an eye back as if to say, "No, seriously, what ARE you doing up there?", the shifting of his weight as he adjusts to my movement.

...Blaaaatttt blaaaatttt BLATTTT!

...Nigel pawing at the blankets by my face so I will lift them up to let him crawl into bed with me.


...Parsley standing with his front feet on the fence happily bouncing up and down in anticipation of breakfast.


...freshly turned soil and wriggling earthworms.

...books about chickens, goats, horses and vampires (not all the same book, though that would be even better).

...hard boiled eggs in dill pickle juice.

...central air.

...Bruce Campbell.

...a helmet that not only fits but actually feels good.

...saddle leather.


  1. And here I thought I was the only lunatic Bruce Campbell fan out there.... he's why I started watching "Burn Notice"... LOL

    The pickle eggs sounds pretty awful though... LOL!


  2. wait.. what.. you RODE HIM??? where are the pics ????

  3. well, I sat on him. I've been up on him about 6 times this year so far, but i am always the only one home when i work the horses until summer vacation so we aren't actually DOING anything other than standing around and flexing our head around this way and that. If he does anything green I don't want to be here alone.

    last day of school is the 11th, I should have some not-quite-adult supervision and a camera operator shortly after that. *claps hands*

    Though every time she shows up with a camera when I ride i fall off, lol. So we may have a ride or two without the camera first, hahaha.

    It's going to be ugly, visually (hehe), because he still needs the reins down by his shoulders to understand what I am asking, but he is getting there. he is an honest boy, just not terribly bright. Once he gets something he GETS IT but it takes a long time for some things to get through all that hair, hahaha!