Monday, August 30, 2010

I woke up with this song stuck in my head.

Thanks to a post on a forum i go to I woke up with this song stuck in my head.

And so, in my brilliant attempt to get rid of that song (which, honestly, is great in it's own right and I only needed rid of it because the number is the ONLY part of the lyrics I can remember) I resorted to my old stand by... no matter what is stuck in my head I can usually replace it with something I know more of the words to, so I can at least share my brainworm with others by singing whatever happens to be stuck in there...


Today's ABBA "moment of brilliance" of choice?

Take a chance on me!!!

The sad thing... I am watching the ABBA video thinking, "Hey, I like that sweater, I bet I could knit that."

This makes me want to watch Mama Mia again. I think I need to make a date with my Mother In Law for a Mama Mia afternoon.




  1. hahaha I HATE that Jenny Jenny song!!!!!

  2. Didn't watch the first one, stopped watching the second one at 0:40. x'D

  3. That's it, Tiff, you are grounded for being a sucky kid. And having crappy taste in music.


    Ungrateful rugrat. Hehe.

  4. Now, for some fun, begin playing the Jenny soundtrack and then click on Take a Chance on Me. They'll both play and at times, sounds pretty neat!
    Thanks for the tunes!
    My poor horses have to put up with my singing when I ride. They never get to hear all of the lyrics as I rarely can remember they get a lot of humming, da-dumming, etc.

  5. Dreaming, my dogs and horses get to hear the mumbly versions of songs all the time, too. lol. Sometimes all I can remember is the last word of each line of the chorus and the rest gets a "hmmm um lalala mum dum MEEE!" lol