Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?

So, yeah. You know how I am about Nigel, right? I mean... how he is like... a part of me... my heart dog... right?

*the evil eye*


I used to have two Chinese Crested Dogs. Mylo died just over two years ago from a rapidly growing brain tumor. After going blind, stopping eating, and losing control of most body functions he had a seizure in which he went completely rigid, flopped like a fish out of water, and screamed in a way i have never heard a dog scream before. We were able to rush him to the vet where the severity of his neurological symptoms made the issue clear and the prognosis grave and we gave him peace while he laid in my arms. *sniffle*

SO. I watch Nigel like a hawk for loss of appetite and anything not quite right. If he burps unusually loud I check him over head to town and watch him like a hawk until I am sure he is ok.



So today I am sitting on the couch and he is crashed out on Tsu's side of the couch licking his feet and scratching his ears and randomly looking at me with his idiotic tongue hanging out. Suddenly out of nowhere his whole body goes rigid, he starts to scream, and he falls over sideways thrashing and wailing and kicking out with one hind leg.

I swear, I almost peed my pants. I threw my keyboard out of my lap and rushed to him and grabbed for him thinking he was having some kind of seizure or something... in that instant I just had this feeling of pure horror wash over me from head to toe and instantly I had tears rolling down my face. In literally the same instant that I burst into tears and got my hands on him I realized that in his zeal while scratching his head he had tangled his hind foot in the tiny bit of hair he has on his head.

*slaps forehead*

I extricated the trapped foot from the tangle of hair which turned out to be ear hair, and he was fine.

"Thanks for rescuing me, Mom!!"


Stupid dog.

"I'm so ashamed!"



  1. classic! what a character and he had you going. do you think he planned it? ha ha. glad he's well.

  2. That first picture I think looks eactly how I felt and looked first thing this morning.