Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The job hunt continues.

Today I am heading into town to visit the Michigan Works office.

There are two medium sized towns close to us, one north of us that we never go to and one south of us that we go to all the time. The one north of us is about 5 miles closer to us but both are basically a half hour drive or so from here. Well, a few months ago I got it into my head that we needed to start heading north more often. Just because I got that into my head doesn't mean we did anything about it... until last weekend.

Sunday we finally head up there, after two months or more of talking about it... intent on exploring the town as thoroughly as possible... and find the entire down town area blocked off for some massive fall festival. lol. Good going! But we did find the WalMart and the MiWorks office. But even better than that... we found....


It occurred to me that I spend wayyy too much money in there. Also, part of the reason I am returning to work is to be able to pay for extras for the horses and goats and to finally get my property properly fenced... We have three TSC's within a half hour/45 minute drive from us. Can you see where I am going with this? I am a country girl, I know about horses, and goats, and pets... I garden a lot and I have been learning about chickens as well. I could be a knowledgeable asset to a farm/garden type store don't you think? and i could really put that employee discount to work for me. So guess who is going to TSC today to ask about getting an application?

Wish me luck, folks.

I'm going to hit the MiWorks office first, then head to TSC to scope it out. I've never even been in this one before.


  1. ohhh good good lucky vibes heading atcha !!!

  2. Even better will be the employee discount!!! Just think how easy it will be to use your entire paycheck for everything you need. You will never have to cash your paycheck because you will simply hand it over!!!