Monday, November 1, 2010


I've had a rough two weeks or so. So, as usual, when I have difficulties that involve stuff and things and stuff... I don't talk about it publicly. So, no offense, but "things is private". And since things and stuff that are private have been really foremost in my mind... I have not had much to say.

And now I am starting NaNoWriMo so I am going to try and put all my words into making my 50k words in a month. I may make a few picture posts here and there, but expect a lot of nothing here until I am back in a proper frame of mind to be blogging and NaNoWriMo is over.

And please don't worry. Everything will be fine. I'm just worried, very disappointed and more than a little bit pissed off. But things have a way of working out.


  1. Good luck on nanowrimo - it's a great goal.

    Hope life takes a lovely turn.

  2. Oh, girl, I hope you're okay... hang're in my thoughts and in my prayers. Your previous posts have lifted my spirits and warmed my soul....... may I someday do the same for you.

  3. Hope things are a little better, at least. We worry, especially when someone says not to....