Monday, January 24, 2011


It is so cold outside that my camera wouldn't work.

I woke up this morning at around 3 am. Checked my email and my weather add on for Firefox said it was -15 degrees. Tsu spent the night hanging with our "bestie" Jer since they are both currently somewhat "under employed" so I had the house almost to myself. Tiff had been feeling yucky all weekend so she was mostly huddled in her room at her computer with her space heater turned up, groaning a lot about how horrible she felt.

At any rate, when I saw how bitter cold it was out there I bundled up in my mid-70's snowmobile suit, knit hat, scarf, gloves and muck boots and headed out to toss all the herbivores some hay to light up the fire in their bellies to keep them warm.

My glasses immediately frosted over to the point that I couldn't see and even breathing through the scarf the cold froze my nose hairs. Everyone outside seemed toasty warm, though all the goats were crowded as close to the heat lamp as they could get. I made sure everyone had fresh water as well, then dashed back into the house and burrowed into my sleeping bag on the futon couch. Before long I was buried under a pile of living furballs and one coat wearing skin ball, lol. If there were a way to bring the hooved (hoofed?)family members inside to keep warm I'd do it in a heartbeat, hehe.

I woke up several hours later and headed out to do my actual chores. It had warmed up to a whopping -6, actual not wind chill. I took my camera thinking I could get some updated pictures of the babies, but the screen on the camera wouldn't even light up in the cold. After i fed and watered everyone I just sat in the stall with the goats for a while and let the babies climb all over me. They make me laugh so hard.

This cold is just sucking the energy right out of me.


  1. I hear ya my friend! I hear ya!

  2. there's something for you on my most recent blog post... :)