Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a week....

I feel like I say that every week now. What a week. *sigh* It's been crazy between Dr. appointments and getting together with the former club treasurer to get things switched to me (and finding out we couldn't change the banking info without the minutes from a meeting explaining exactly what I can do) and more blood work for Tiff (glucose test for gestational diabetes. And there are women out there who actually get pregnant intentionally??? *mindboggled*) and of course Parsley going to his new home.

*falls over*

Well, after feeling like I have been running in circles for the entire week I had a lovely surprise this morning at chore time. I was loving on Nutmeg and her big old kid-filled belly and I checked her tiny little teats and... there was a tiny little udder under there!!!! Right on time she is starting to have udder development. Of course being a shaggy coated Toggenburg you can't SEE anything but it's there!

I'm less excited about the kids than about the milking. The kids are all destined for the freezer, so I won't be getting attached to them. I am curious to see what they look like, but I am keeping my emotional distance. I'm more excited about my possible new future herd sire, which means waiting until April to see if the doe i want a buckling from even has any boys (this is one of the commercial does owned by the lady who bought Thyme and Rosemary 1, and the sire is her lovely meaty buck, Motor City). But I am giddy about seeing how Nutmeg and Ivy's udders turn out and what kind of milk production I get out of them.

This summer I am practically going to be swimming in milk. *yay*

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