Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I mentioned my gourd obsession in the "Ask Pony" post last friday... well, this weekend I discovered I still had some gourds on a top shelf in the barn that were ready to use! I had forgot I had them because they were up where I couldn't reach them and apparently I never look UP from my low vantage point, hehe.

I climbed up onto an upside down bucket, pulled them all down, and hauled them into the house. This weekend i cut several of them and cleaned the insides, washed them, and set them aside to dry. yesterday they were finally dry enough to craft so I started on one and this is what I ended up with:

I am pleased with it. It is wood burned, leather dyed, waxed with paste wax, and the rim of the lid is garden twine unraveled and wrapped on with some crochet string with gold metallic accents. The handle is, I think, Maple.

As soon as my name change on paypal is finished I will be listing this and a few others on Etsy.

I hope they sell, I have NO clue how to price them. I guess I will look around on Etsy and see what other gourd crafters price theirs at. I'm going to stress that all proceeds go towards the "Buy Pony Her Dream Horse" fund. *grin*


  1. Pony that is absolutely gorgeous! Make sure you post a link to where we can buy your art =)

  2. Oh I sure will, as soon as I get my account ready to go!