Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can't believe it but I spent most of the day yesterday hand sewing.


Never thought i would be able to do that again. And yet here I am, sewing. By hand.

I did, however, wake up with weak shaky hands this morning. So what did I do? Started sewing again. lol.

OK, it occurs to me that some of you might not know what the deal is with my hands so I will give the "Reader's Digest Condensed Version". I was an artist, training to be a tattooist, working at one of those "One stop shopping" stores in the deli after my ex left. Developed pain, numbness and weakness on the job. Job screwed me over, union wouldn't help, couldn't afford medical care OR to quit my job so kept working even though I was hurt. Did permanent damage to my arms. Carpel tunnel, cubital tunnel, tendinitis in the elbow, wrist and hand, and some pain in my shoulders. It destroyed my ability to write or draw by hand, and it completely obliterated my tattoo career.

Now I have spent the last several years trying to rebuild my ability to do ANYTHING. I am at about 45% of where I was before all that. That doesn't sound great but trust me, I was at about 12% for several years so 45% is AWESOME. I still can't write or draw with a pen or pencil without pain and weakness followed by a day or two of discomfort, weakness and trembling. With my gourd art I make sure all of my tools have big fat handles so that I don't need to have any fine motor control with my fingers to use it, and my wonderful husband got me electric scissors since normal ones just destroy my arms for days when I use them.

My biggest difficulty is with anything that requires strength between the thumb and fingertips. So you can imagine now WHY I am so thrilled to be able to hand sew! Now to be honest I have to use some creative hand positions, and sometimes if the fabric is thick I have to use my teeth (hehe), but I made myself an apron and got half way through a skirt yesterday. I will probably finish the skirt today then take a break before I start on my shirt. This is an outfit for the Primitive Shoot at the Black Powder Sportman's club later this year, so I am trying to hand sew it all like a good pre-1840's woman. I really want to get it done even though I won't need it until August or so. But I really will need a break before I start the shirt.

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