Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's been a busy week, my friends.

My husband managed to get some vacation and things have been a bit nutty around here. It has postponed my first give away by a bit, but I will posting it tomorrow and trying to spread the word about it so I get a lot of entries.

Our big project this week was the Front Room. This was a scary place full of boxes of stuff we had stacked in there when we moved back then done our best to avoid even thinking about. Shockingly Tsu got inspired to get it cleaned up. Several days and a massive mount of frustration later it is almost done.

The biggest frustration was trying to get boxes. The old boxes were in foul shape and we needed to sort and repack some things. I called around, found a place I could get boxes, "Come just after noon and we will have some!" they said. "We should have plenty for you!" they said.


We get there at about 12:15, no boxes. "Oh, someone took them all about an hour ago."

I said, "Dang it, I knew I should have given you my name so you could save them for me." and she glared at me, with a cigarette dangling between her lips (I thought it was against the law for people to be smoking in the storeroom of a grocers right next to the food prep area, but maybe I am wrong?) and said, "Well, we don;t do that anyway, we have too many people who want them to save them for people."

You know, that is FINE, I don't have a problem with that. But why didn't you tell me that when I called to ask? I mean seriously? I made special 20 minute trip out JUST to get these boxes and what did I get? THREE whole banana boxes. Big whoop.

This happens every time I need boxes. You would think I would be desensitized to it by now but no such luck. lol. It still yanks my chain. They told me to come back the next day but the next day we were busy and couldn't make it. But I still need boxes so I may just drive up there every few days at about 11 am and see if they have any. Obviously calling ahead does nothing to help. Maybe I should have Tsu swing by on his way home from work and check. Not sure he would, though. Oh well, I guess we shall see. To do the barn and Tiff's bedroom I am going to need a LOT more boxes than I have.

On the bright side, the front room is almost done. If I could find a hide-a-bed love seat it would be perfect. I have this dream of chilling on the love seat in there in front of the fire place drinking hot coffee and writing on my blog. Hehe.

We also finally got up our divider between the kitchen and the front room so that the cats can't use the breakfast bar area as a shorter path to their litter boxes. EW! That has been grossing me out SO bad since we moved back. We put up lattice so I can still see in there and see what Tiff is doing on line but the cats can't get through and it keeps them from spending time on the counters (which drives me absolutely INSANE).

It's great, Tsu is actually sounding genuinely motivated to get things fixed up around here that have needed done since we moved back. I think the ratty condition of things around here is finally getting to him (YAY!) enough to inspire him to work on it.

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  1. Well at least it was good things that kept you away from all of us! Anyway I stopped using regular boxes a while ago as the rubbermaid (or anything that type) may cost a bit but they last for ever and are all same size so stacking is a breeze. No leaning tower of boxed crap!