Monday, February 2, 2009

Ask Pony #2

Here we go! We have three questions this time around!

1. "How'd you get to be such an artistic Diva?"

I have to laugh. I've never been referred to as a diva before. I'm not sure how it happened. I don't come from a particularly artistic family, yet several of the "kids" in my generation are very artistic. I was just lucky I guess!

2. "Got any tips for those of us trying to lose weight?"

You bet I do! First, take SMALL steps! make little changes so you don't feel overwhelmed and miserable. Second, common sense, eat less and move more. It doesn't have to be a lot, just little changes. A few less chips or soda here, a few more steps there. It all adds up! And finally, stick with it!!!!! Even if you don't see rapid weight loss remember that this is a long term journey to get HEALTHIER.

3. "My boyfriend wants me to move in with him but he wants me to get rid of my bird. I've had Joker since I was 8, and can't imagine getting rid of him. But I love my boyfriend and I don't want to put an animal over people. He says this is proof that I love the bird more than I love him. What should I do?"

*takes a deep breath*

Honey, I'm going to try to be as kind as possible when I say this... tell your boyfriend to shove it. Then don't walk, RUN away. If you are looking at moving in together I assume that means you are at least 18. I also assume this means you have had Joker for at least 10 years. A decade.

Do you REALLY want to be stuck living with a man who thinks tossing away a 10 year+ long relationship with ANY living thing is acceptable? And if you love birds do you want to spend your life with a man who doesn't want you to have one? How is it YOU are expected to give up a creature that you LOVE, and he isn't expected to accept the things in your life that you love and that bring you joy?

RED FLAG TIME!!!! Even if this guy is 100% great in every other way this situation makes it clear that you have at least one major sticking point in being able to live together. That being that he thinks he has a right to make you sell or otherwise get rid of your pet. I don't know about you, but as a pet lover there is no way in hot Hades I would move in with a man who thinks MY pets are DISPOSABLE at his whim!!!!

And if it is just an issue of his apartment not allowing pets, suggest that you both look for an apartment where Joker will be allowed. If he balks at that idea chances are that he is using the apartment policy as an excuse. Or he is just too lazy to move and he wants YOU to have to do all the moving.

Make it clear that you AND the bird are a package deal. If you want to stick with this creep... I mean this guy.... make sure and lay down some ground rules NOW otherwise (and trust me on this one) he will end up walking all over you and a decade from now you will be wishing you had kept Joker and dumped the Loser.

And that whole "This is proof you love the bird more than you love me" garbage? WOW! Manipulative! Take a step back, sweetie. Really look at the way this guy treats you. Is this what you REALLY want? Some twerp who emotionally blackmails you into ditching your pets?

OK, I could go on about that one forever, but I think I have said all I have to say on THAT one!

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  1. Good advice Pony!

    On the bird issue.... the bottom line on what that guy is saying is "you move into MY life and conform to what I want... I won't make adjustments for YOU"... If this guy really loved HER, then he'd accept the animal that she loves with her... I can't imagine anyone who's worth being with pulling something like that... no one who really cared about her would. So I agree, ditch the guy and run like hell... he's a selfish pile of bad news.... not that anybody asked me... LOL!


  2. Ohh the joy of having been there and done that! Great Advice Pony specially the bird vs man thing!

  3. Oh.. shoot forgot to add my 2 cents worth on the "Artistic Diva". I still have a picture of a rearing Arabian in full Arab dress that you did in ink way way way back in school. Ok maybe not so many "ways"... LOL

  4. I dunno, Jen, that sounds about like the right amount of "ways" to me, hehe!

  5. Sorry was trying not to 'date' us.... but I guess.. let's face it.. we are approaching "old".