Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Jen....

I just had to take a minute to post these, since you mentioned considering a Perchie. I have loved Percherons for years, in fact the percheron horse registry was the first registry I was ever a member of! Every one I have ever handled, pure or cross bred, has just been a real gem. I'm a huge fan and they are on my short list of breeds i want. I don't like docked tails, but it is getting easier to find them with natural tails. There are quite a few in rescue and they are not terribly expensive, especially considering the horse market these days. Check out this beautiful girl, Darlin, who is being rescued and rehabbed by a friend of mine from another forum:


Special kudos to Beth from Squirrelwood Gypsies for all the rescue work she does!!

First, I like them so much I invited one to my wedding! We were discussing how unfair it was that he had to work on such a lovely day:

They have many of the things I like about breeds like Andalusian and Friesians (ok, mostly that would just be a big round butt. I loves me some big round horse butts), in a cold blooded draft package. And if you find the right one they can be surprisingly athletic and versatile! Check out these videos, we have moving cattle (albeit not very skillfully, lol!) jumping, cross country, etc. Now, i am fond of the solid black ones and I like the old style super heavy draft types but I am a serious fan of the Perchies!


  1. I've also very quickly developed a real respect for the temper of these gentle giants! My new horse is a black/white paint Perchie/TB cross and has a personality like no other. He's just a big dog in a horse suit!

  2. Yup, that is what I have found to be true about most of the draft crosses. I used to call the clyde cross I worked (who was a bay paint) a St. Bernard with hooves. Not to promote the idea some folks have that horses are just big dogs, because we all know that thought can get folk hurt! But they just have this big gentle heart to them (most the time) that is very much like a big loyal dog.

    Speaking of your new guy, can't WAIT to see pictures!!!!!

  3. Ohh thank you sooo much Pony -- the more research I do the more I'm for a perchie. Something that can pack the hubby 'n kids - yet I can compete if I wish.

    I've been looking at rescues 'n such... sooner or later the right one will fall into my lap.