Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*A Whole Post NOT About My Horse.* You Spin Me Right Round Baby!!

Just before I left to go on my trip my pay pal account reached $12. I'd been waiting to get enough money to buy some fiber so I could use my drop spindle and make myself some yarn. My eventual goal is to hand spin my own wool yarn to hand knit my own wool stockings. *passes out just thinking about it*

So I bought the "Medium Grade Wool Spinning Wheel Fiber Top Roving Felt" on eBay from Little Barn Fibers. I seriously highly recommend them. I placed the order tuesday, got my wool friday, and was surprised by how nice this $5 bag of wool was! I was expecting something less.... everything! Something I wouldn't mind screwing up with while I learned, to be honest. Instead for almost nothing I got some nice quality wool that I am making poorly crafted yarn out of that will actually make me a nice lumpy hat!I wish I had taken a pictures of the huge wad of roving I got! 8 oz is a ton of wool roving! And the fibers were very consistent in length and nice and soft and with good crimp.

First, this is my pre-drafting in preparation to spin the wool. The loose stuff is a section that is about 1/8 of the total wool I got. Like I said, a LOT more wool than I expected for $5!!!


This is a roll of my first attempt at spinning along with my pre-drafted wool and the undrafted roving:


And here is picture of my third attempt at spinning still on the spindle:


I'm going to ply the first two today, I think. Then I am going to knit a simple voyagers toque out of some of it, if I think I have enough. If not, I will make more!!!! Haven't decided if I want to try knitting out of the plyed stuff or not. I still have to set the twist and all that crazy stuff. DOH! I'm having fun with this for sure.


  1. Oh I SERIOUSLY have to try spinning now... I've got about a pound of hand-dyed roving that I got for my birthday last year... I've been scared to try!
    It looks wonderful Pony!!

  2. It really is pretty easy as long as you don't over think it or expect perfect store quality yarn out of it. Watch a few youtubes and you are set.

    Word of advice, pre-drafting the entire piece and rolling it before you start spinning makes spinning 100 times easier!! And honestly I like my lumpy first tries better than my more even consistent later attemots. I am intentionally trying to make it a bit lumpier, haha!