Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honey, I'm home!!!

I haven't been very busy for the last few days, but I just haven't felt like writing. Because I suck or something, I guess. ;-)

Jeni, glad you got the package ok. Not sure if you could tell but if you look realll close in just the right light you can see a horse head on the small red cloth. :-) I discovered half way through knitting it that you can't really see it with that yarn, hehe.

Mom is doing really well, she had to go in to emergency late last week because she couldn't stop coughing and they did chest x rays and such. Gave her meds to stop the couch and help her sleep.

My Aunt Judy's husband Lewis was in a serious motorcycle accident. They live out in California and I really have no contact with them but I have been keeping track of his recovery on this "Caring Bridge" web site where Aunt Judy is keeping a recover blog. That is SO nice that they have those! People can update anyone who cares by making a post and they don't have to send out bunches of emails and such.

Anyway, the horses are in the back yard mowing the lawn for me. It's a huge pain trying to move them because electric gates suck and there are three of them and they get stupid if they are separated. I thought I would be bright today and only hook the middle strand while I took Mary and Sparrow out back as Brego was eating his breakfast. He tried to run under it and ended up grazing in the yard and looking at me like "What? I didn't do nuttin'. I just, like, looked up and BAM there I was in the yard!" (In my head that sounded like John Travolta from his Welcome Back Kotter days, lol.)

Some day I am going to have real gates. *sighs dreamily*

I'm a simple girl, I dream of gates and barns full of hay.


  1. I'm glad all is well I was worried. I also am simple and dream of barn full of hay!

    Ohh I'm going to go ride this pretty mare today - things have just fallen into place and yanno how our horses pick us we don't pick them.

  2. So now I'm in love with Drafts! Primrose is a gorgeous awesome mare. I rode her bareback in a bitless bridle. As long as her health cert is good I think she's mine!

    I'll throw some pics up somewhere for ya.

  3. OOOooohhhh NICE!!!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya!