Friday, June 26, 2009


OK, I know ya'll who live down south don't consider almost 90 hot, but up here that is like... broiling. The ponies have spent the last two days standing and sweating. So I've been hosing them down three times a day. Brego LOVES it. Mary tolerates it. Sparrow detests it. Of course with all that hair the heat seems to be rougher on Brego. But he will be appreciating all that hair come this winter, lol.

I've been in the pool every day this week. It's still cloudy but looking better.

Schrodinger the cat is coming home from the vet today. YES I found someone who would spay her even though she might have been bred after her great hole digging escape from the bathroom. She was NOT bred but was back in heat. Also totally infested with tape worms. *ew* They were one of the few places that would just spay her. I would love to be able to test her for every dang thing under the sun, get her UTD on every shot she needs, etc. But I can't. I didn't ask for this cat. I already have almost $200 into her from her stuck kitten, and she isn't even really MINE (I mean she is mine NOW, but I never wanted her... she just kind of arrived here and made herself my responsibility). I don't have $280 to spend getting her brought up to the point that a house cat should be. I wish i did, but I don't. So this $100 option is the best I can do for her and I am SOOO glad I found someone who would do this. It may not be ideal but at least she won't have any more kittens.

They did point out that one of her extra toes turns inward and has no pad on it and without being kept trimmed or being removed the nail could curl into her foot. Which I already knew because I already cut it out once while she was in the bathroom. I'll trim the nail once every few months, assuming she sticks around after this whole thing. I'm NOT paying to have that dang toe amputated!! They had a quote for me and everything. $185. *slaps forehead*

Anyway, I'm glad she is done, even if I resent having to spend the money. She is a good cat. She doesn't deserve to die just because I'm broke and where ever she came from was populated by morons. Plus she is pretty territorial and has been chasing all the other dropped off cats away. It's worth the money to me to keep her here if it keeps other cats away. I just hope she STAYS territorial after the spay. Plus she is rediscovering her hunting skills so she can go back to earning her keep, yay!

Schrody, with her first litter of kittens and our barn cat Socks:


Schrody with her second litter of kittens in our dirty sink:


Hiding under our tractor back when she was too wild to get anywhere near:


So yay! No more kittens!!!!

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  1. Awww, you are soo sweet.
    And Yesterday it was 103 degrees. But the feels like temp was like 109. I hate it here!!!