Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ride # 3...

...not to be confused with Mambo #5. Heh.

We got 20 minutes saddle time. I woke my kid up and told her to check on me frequently and if she looks out and notices me on the ground bleeding to dial 911. *snicker*

We did pretty good. Lots of walking and turning. He is comfortable enough with the concept of me on his back now to start letting me know when he would rather not do what I ask, haha! I have great flexibility in his neck at a stand still, and if I ask him to go where he already wants to go we do OK, but he is trying to see if he can ignore me (no) and if he can't ignore me if he can give me his head but keep walking the direction HE wants to walk (also no).

So today we worked on understanding that mom does not release pressure until you give her the response she wants, which is to give your head and then follow with your body. I think our next several rides will be along the same lines. I think the 20 minute ride time is good. It gives him time for stuff to sink in without getting to the point where he is frustrated. It's also all that my out of shape self can handle right now. lol.


  1. I can see you grinning from here!

  2. Yeah, it's hard to miss, isn;t it?

    Right after my ride I think I grinned so big the top of my head fell off. Luckily I still had my helmet on so the chin strap kept the top of my head from landing in the dirt. lol.