Saturday, September 26, 2009

Metamora Celebration of the Horse

Today is a day I look forward to every year now. This is, I believe, the third year for the Metamora Celebration of the Horse.

That is the area where I used to live and work with horses, I have a few horsie friends I only see once a year at the Celebration, but mostly I just go for the parade and to see the horsies. I will have my camera along, of course. I may be running in to a few online folks and meeting them in person for the first time. Folks from But that is just a "if we happen to see each other" thing not an organized meeting or anything.

I'm going to check out the used tack shop, I want one of those "natural ride" bareback saddles and hope to find a used one there.

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  1. Have fun Pony!!! We are on day 8 of solid non-stop rain here.