Sunday, March 8, 2009

Better day...

Despite the fact that I am in the midst of my twice annual bout of time change rage (RAAAGGGEEEE) I am having a much better day today. Already today i have medicated a sick cat, groomed the munchkin ponies, managed to clean out the entire poopcicle pile from the barn (YAY!!!) and cleaned off about half of the junk from the porch.

I was thinking, as I was mucking, about how much my hands were NOT hurting. It's amazing. Like, miraculous. No, they are not normal, no, I still can't draw by hand... but I can KNIT. KNIT!!! A few years ago I couldn't brush my own hair.

So yeah, having a much better day. Sure there is an angry undertone of frustration and depression and nasty attitude, but that is just because of this infernal idiotic time change crap. If I'm lucky the accompanying insomnia will be short lived and I can be my normal chipper self in no time... at least until we have to "fall back".

1 comment:

  1. DANG you've had a busy, busy day! Send some of that energy my way, would ya?