Monday, February 8, 2010

Check up for my itty bitty car....

Well, we sent the Pony-Mobile in to the car doctor for a full check up and anything that might need fixin'. Looks like something related to steering and something called "tie rods" need to be fixed. I'd figured on this when we bought a cheap older car with over 170k miles on it, and in fact the quote they gave us is well under half what I expect to spend getting a used set of wheels all up to snuff. So my little buddy will be spending a few nights in the car-clinic. I miss it already. Hehe.

This morning I used the remote starter to get it warmed up and we took it down to wait for the bus. I'm going to be sooo spoiled.

Then I ran to the post office in it. It drives pretty well, and is nice and easy to get into tight little parking spots. I can't wait to get it back home. It still hasn't given me it's name or gender. Usually my cars turn out to have male personalities but I think this one might be the grandmotherly type. I'm thinking maybe Matilda. But I will know for sure once I drive it more.

Spent the day washing laundry and looking at goats online. Tsu took the car in, then Jer called looking for him. I told him where he was and so Jer called him to see about doing something tonight. We picked up a cheap trac phone for Jer this weekend, just to make sure he had a way to contact folks since he didn't have a working phone and heather uses their cell... so it was nice to see that was already useful. Anyway, once the car had been diagnosed and a prognosis had been passed along Tsu called Jer back and got a ride home.

Jer was pushing my buttons the whole time, as usual, lol. This time, though, I was just kind of getting sick of it. Yeah, great, you think I should get a lawnmower instead of goats. I have a lawnmower, don't need another one. You can't milk a lawnmower. You can't turn a lawnmower into a roast or jerky. We want goats, not just me but Tsu, too. Ya don't live here, and you aren't a part of our marriage, so, um, if you don't like the goat idea... so what! Oh, you don't want goat poo where you ride your motorcycle. Hm. Too bad. Your option is occasional goat poo or ride somewhere else. *tips head to the side and smiles sweetly* This is a small farm. Small farms have livestock. Deal, or shut it. *grin*

I don't know if it is just the time of year (seasonal affective disorder, yay... blah) and lack of meds, or that I am tired, but stuff that would normally just amuse me was grating on my nerves. I don't think he was acting any different than normal but it left me feeling jumpy and paranoid and I hate that.

Man, I can't wait to get my car back. i want some Gypsy Horse stickers to put on it, maybe a Chinese Crested Dog sticker. And I want to get in touch with a couple of local goat ladies I got numbers for... and I want to start looking for a job.

Speaking of which, i am going to go do my typing lessons. Then bed time. I hope Tsu isn't gone too long. He headed over to Jer's to hang out for a while, but he is trying to get on to day shift schedule. He had today off and has tomorrow off. I got giddy when I took the "day sleeper" sign down.

Oh, side note... two weeks since our TV died. One week since the tech was out. Still no part. called today to find out what was up... part is supposed to arrive 11th of this month... but the return appointment for the tech was the 10th. REALLY? By the time this thing gets fixed poor Tsu will have been without his TV for almost a month. *bangs head on wall* Now we have to call them once the part arrives and schedule the tech to come out. The TV isn't even a year old. *rips hair out*

I think I'd feel better if my evening involved alone time with Tsu and tequila.

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  1. Blame this endless winter for your short temper.. I am. Seems to be working for me so far.