Saturday, February 13, 2010

On second thought, never mind... let's change the subject.

I had a lengthy topic here all written out and decided to scrap it. I may or may not revisit it on another day but for now it is on a shelf.

So instead, let us talk of fun things... like horses in the snow, kids self piercing their nose (*sigh*) and other foolishness. And goats.

First, a bit of video of the ponies in the snow:

*happy sigh* Aren't they adorable? As always, I sound like an idiot when i talk to them, lol.

Oh Hai! Is snowy!


Pretty trot:


WHOA! there is a fence there!!




It's a shame i don't feed her enough, look at this, she is skin and bones!!!


So, yeah. Tiffany came in to the livingroom and said, "Um, mom... did I show you my nose?" *raises eyebrow* Yeah, she had pierced her septum herself several days earlier. She found a loophole in my "no facial piercings" rule. She researched before hand, sterilized her tools, blah blah blah... it is healing up really well and since i was concerned about her using a chain link as a nose ring i went ahead and got her an actual horseshoe ring to wear. No pictures of her with the real ring but these were ones I stole off of her MySpace showing her new nosewear...


She has been doing this Egyptian Princess thing with her eye makeup and her hair is now purple.


hey, I grew up when Boy George and Micheal Jackson were hot stuff, ruffled skirts and mega floofy hair were the shizz-nit and it was still cool to talk like a valley Girl, FER SURE!!! So... I have no room to talk. And i still think she is adorable. In fact, I kind of like it. because I am weird, I guess.

This weather we have been having across the US has held up the delivery of the parts for my car, so it is still at the car doctor. *sad face*

Oh, and we should know soon whether or not Tsu gets a bonus this year and how much money I will have to apply toward my goats. YAY!

I think I had something else I was going to talk about but I forget now, lol.


  1. Go Tiffany! She'll be a lawyer for sure with her facial piercing "loophole." As moms, we have to pick the hills to die for, don't we?

  2. Absolutely. If you make a war over the little things you may not have any ground to stand on when something big hits, IMO.

    Her grandparents are all in a tizzy about it, along with her hair, cloths and makeup... but IMO all those are outside things and she is a good kid where it counts... in here *taps her chest*.

    Plus if I could get away with it I'd be doing the same stuff. It looks silly on a kid but on a middle aged chick it just looks sad, lol. I'm still tempted to steal her crazy knee high black platform boots, lol.

    I was always my own person when it came to that stuff and the only reason i don't have a nose ring myself is because i am a huge chicken. I was never really allowed to fully express my creative fashion side and as long as she doesn't do anything irreversible or dangerous I don't see why it should be a problem. I'd rather she had NOT stuck a needle through her own nose but at least she researched and sterilized and did it right, and at least it is one that won't leave her with a disfiguring scar when she finally decided to take it out.