Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have a date with a goat lady!

Her name is Anita, she lives down the road and around the corner from me. I got her name and number from Outback Jack at Outback Jack's Feed and Seed in "town". I was going to call her right away then all heck and hulabaloo broke loose over Tiff's adventure. So now that things have calmed down from that... i called her this morning and we talked for about 10 minutes.

I explained where I got her number and who i was and jack had given her a heads up that I would likely be calling. She said her goats are free ranging in her yard as we speak, lol!! I explained that i was looking for LIVESTOCK goats, and i want multipurpose animals for a small amount of milk, land clearing and meat, but that most folks i was finding are dairy or pet only and as soon as the topic of meat comes up they shut down. She said she experienced the same thing and explained that she started with meat goats and dairy goats and was finding that they had a huge surplus of milk that was going to waste. So she cross bred some and came up with goats that will work for their small family. Then she said, "Would you like to come over for a bit this evening and chat, see the goats?" I was all, oh, yeah, what time? that would be great... then she said... "I just had a pair of babies born two days ago."

I squealed right into the phone. "BABIES!"

So I will head over there about 4:30 this afternoon, and meet her and her goats, and talk about having goats.


  1. LOL!!!! I can hear that "squeal" all the way down here!

    Baby goats are the cutest thing on 4 legs 2nd only to Foals!

  2. I actually think baby goats and baby donkeys tie for the cutest things ever, even including baby horses. I know, hard to believe, but I'm a sucker for a baby goat.