Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm not neglecting the ponies....

All this goat talk... do not think i am neglecting the ponies, lol! The weather has just been yucky so I have been feeding them, going over them all with a shedding blade, then letting them chill out and stuff their faces. I am REALLY impatient to get back to working Brego so I can get him under saddle again now that I have a saddle that will fit.

I've also been busy clearing out the brush along the ditch at the end of the road since instead of fixing the hole at the end of the driveway the road commission ignored that issue and decided to focus on the brush blocking clear line of sight on the road. I am sure that is going to delight the neighbor and probably make her mad at us. And we still have a huge mud pit that forms at the end of the drive. Same story, different decade. Only now my neighbor is going to be TICKED. yay.

I decided what kind of shelter I am going to make for my goats. I'm going to make one of these:

Goat shelter made with cattle panels and tarps.

It will be fairly easy to move around if I want to, and if weather gets really REALLY bad I can lock them into the stud stall in the barn. Eventually I'll have a few sheds out there but for now this will get me started and by next year when I have kids hitting the ground I will have individual pens/shelters for each mom to kid in.

Now i just have to figure how to get all the cattle panels I will need for shelters and fences home, lol.


  1. Pony I'm sooo happy that saddle fit Brego and it's getting used! I almost bought another Wintec All Purpose. There was an older model on craigslist for $100... unfortunately it did not have the changeable gullet and it looked narrow.

    Will you be getting of those "Hairy" goats to make your own wool for your knitting?

  2. OMG you need THIS:

  3. LOL!!! I think i will pass on the camel, hahaha!!!

    I had thought about looking in to Angora goats, and might at some point in the future, but for now I'm just going to stick to the milk and meat goats. My whole starter herd is going to cost me what a single Angora with decent coat would cost so if I am going to be learning (and likely making some mistakes along the way) I want to limit any possible losses as much as possible. I would LOVE to grow my own fiber, though. I'd considered goats for fiber or possibly rabbits so I HAVE thought about it. :-D

  4. LOL @ the Camel I saw him and thought of you immediately.. Not sure why but made me smile.