Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy goat day...

I got everything I was waiting for today, so Himself and The Ladies have now received their copper tucked into marshmallows, their Ivomec pour on, their plastic chain collars (to help make catching Rosemary and Thyme a tad bit easier when they get an attitude but to still be safe) and a dusting of D/E (Diatomacious Earth, it is a great parasite killer and it is natural and non-toxic). They are all up to date on everything now, I just need to give Parsley time to show the results of all this stuff. I sure hope this clears up his skin and hair coat.

i was going to work the horses and drag the paddock but i think i want to take a break and colour my hair first. hehe.

there is just something relaxing and... i dunno... it just feels good to know the critters are all up to date on all their stuff. Now i can just relax and enjoy them and see how they do over the next few months.


  1. Good goat day :D I need to get my hair done soon... the grey is beginning to bug me ;)