Sunday, April 11, 2010

Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!!

I've been putting Sparrow and Brego on the small grassy lot for a few hours a day (poor Mary is just too fat, she has to stay on the dirt lot. *sad face*)but I have been working the, forst. So since sparrow needs the most groceries right now he works lightly then goes on grass first. Then Brego gets worked (harder) and goes out on grass. Then Mary gets worked (hardest, the little fatty) and then gets.... stuck back in the dirt lot. This makes her very VERY unhappy.

Well today Brego saw me coming with the halter and off he went. So instead of trying to wear him down and catch him I just chased him off with my lead rope and made him RUN. And run. And run.

He stopped, asked to come closer, but when i approached he lifted his head into the air and stepped away. Whoop! Tossed my rope at him again and when he tried to stop kept pushing him.

And pushing him.

And pushing him.

Then I told him to stop. WHOA. He stopped, dropped his head and when I held out his halter he dropped his nose into it. lol. I think I made my point. *grin*

I was tempted to cut his training session short today, because he was already winded. But I had plans and a short workout seemed sort of like rewarding naughty behaviour. So I "saddled" him up with the natural ride bareback saddle I got for Christmas and had him work in it with the stirrups down and flopping all over. He tried to stop in the corner a couple of times and I had to make him move but he did OK. Then I put the lines on him and started right into ground driving without long lining at all first. He did mediocre but better than he has in the past. I think the brain click is sticking. He still doesn't quite get it if the reins are higher up but if they are lower down he understands even if he doesn't like it. And right now, mediocre is perfectly acceptable.

I really wanted to ride him today. But my helmet is just not safe. It is over 10 years old and has a crack in it. I'll have money after the 15th to get a new one. I did bounce around next to him imitating the mount up movement. put weight in the stirrups and pulled him around. He didn't try any foolishness like bolting at all, not during driving, not during stirrup pushing and pulling, not at all. I was so proud of him. He really is getting it.

I'm looking at getting one of these helmets:

Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet


It looks like it actually goes AROUND the head instead of perching way up on top like my old one.

Even without the helmet I still got my foot in the stirrup and got up on one side, not straddling. He didn't even care. So I took off his tack, gave him his customary after work out head scratch and put hi out on grass. It took a lot of self control to keep from climbing up but I am not an immortal teenager anymore, lol.


  1. Make the good easy and the bad hard! Bonnie is a turd like that. I have figured out that 5 acres is a LARGE area to be make'n a horse run

  2. Is there a tack store you can go to get fitted for a helmet? People have different shaped heads, although the Tipperary really does fit well on most people... I think you'll like it.

  3. Jen, even when i have a large area available i always make a small area for a dirt lot. If I get someone who decides to be a butthead I chase them to the small area first, close them in, then run the bejeebus right out of them until they are BEGGING to be caught. I've done it in a a 15 acre pasture and it can be done but it is NOT fun!!! lol. Of course sometimes they get smart and learn not to run into the dirt lot, lol.

    denise, I called around and no one local seems to carry them in stock. Booo.