Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are my animals all idiots or are they just way smarter than I am?

*bangs head against the wall*

I think they are smarter than I am.

Usually when people say their animals are stupid it turns out that the animals are actually a lot smarter than their people.

THAT is most likely an explanation for the day i have had with my critters. the week actually.

The goats are trying to drive me crazy, the dogs are trying to infuriate me/worry me to death and the horses are... well, they just decided that instead of working well for me today they are going to flip me a great big bird. I'm the human here. It shouldn't be this hard to outsmart them. lol.

The dogs just keep trying to get into the trash. They haven't messed with the trash in like a year and then night before last they debagged all the trash in the house and gorged themselves on old mac and cheese and Ramen noodles and who even knows what else. Nigel barfed all over Misty's cage, and they both had the runs so they had to go out about 50 times over the next two days. 2:30am I am in the front yard hosing barfed up noodles off the dog bedding.

It took one of the goats a whopping 45 minutes or so to figure out they could slip their head under the temp fence I put up for them, lift it up with their shoulders and scoot under it. I fully expected them to figure this out (they are goats, it's what they DO) but i figured i would at least get a few hours of browsing out there for them first. Guess it will have to wait until i get my extra cattle panels or some electric mesh (or maybe try to train them to respect electric wire).

The horses just ignored everything they know and tried to out-stubbourn me. "Yeah, I know what you want, I JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING IT." You could almost see them mentally giving me the finger. But in the end I managed to outlast their obstinacy. It was exhausting, though. Mentally I mean.

I think tomorrow I am going to completely skip trying to DO anything with any of the animals. just socialize/have a beauty day with them. It's supposed to be almost 80. I can hose the horses down, and spit polish them up, give each of the goats a good brushing, and then just hang out with them. After today i think we all need a break. Or at least i do, lol.

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  1. I just want to ride..... But too busy trying to work miracles selling my house and attempting to buy another... ugh