Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"As God Is My Witness, I'll Never Go Hungry Again!"

*Presses back of hand to forehead, flutters eyelashes and flings herself onto the couch with a deep sigh*

*southern accent* I DO declare! I am simply beside myself with exhaustion!

So, a small amount of history. My big barn is full of crap. Not just my crap, but the crap left behind when I moved in, the crap left behind when my ex left, the crap left behind when I left, the crap left behind when my in laws left and the crap we wedged in there when we came back.

Most of it had been infested with rodents, covered in bird feces, and buried under dirt kicked up by woodchucks and opossums. IE most of it is trashed. But to clear it out we would need a dumpster. I'm not in a position to rent one at this point so to clear out room for hay this meant picking a spot in the barn to sacrifice as a temporary dump. I moved about a ton of stuff (not joking) and then hauled in pallets and such for the area for the hay.

It took me almost three days and I am wiped out.

But I have room for hay. YAY!

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